EXATLON: Does a reinforcement arrive to save the Contestants?

Telemundo Andoni García was part of Team Contendientes in the 2nd season of Exatlon USA

The fifth season of the Exatlon United States program has been, without a doubt, plagued by different controversies ranging from expulsions, innumerable injuries, dubious plays and moments of personal drama that have made this installment one like no other.

The Contestants: A History of Defeats

The team that has taken the worst part in the fifth edition of Exatlon United States has been from the beginning, the blue. The Contestants began the long streak of injuries, had the abrupt expulsion of Denisse Novoa for a breach of contract and since then it seems that they have not found the place where they can beat Team Famosos, which at this point seems unstoppable in the face of an eventual painted finish. Red.

In addition to this, the situation of the Blues looks critical with two of their strongest athletes destined to eliminate each other, they are Ana Parra and Mirna Alma, whom the cancellation of the duel for the permanence of Sunday, May 16, saved them from an eventual elimination and leaving the Contestants with only one woman among their ranks.

Does a reinforcement arrive to save the Contestants?

But apparently Telemundo listened to the complaints of the audience and fans of Exatlon United States, because this next week, starting on May 17, two reinforcements will arrive, one per team, which apparently will change the panorama that we have seen so far in the competence.

The reinforcement of the Contestants is nothing more and nothing less than Andoni García. A face recognized and widely remembered as one of the most skilled athletes in competition history. In addition to having seen it in the ‘Tournament of Seasons’, of the fourth edition, Andoni reached the final episode of the second installment of the competition, when “La Rebelde” Valeria Sofía Rodriguez was crowned the winner.

García not only made a very good impression on fans for his sporting prowess and physical bearing, the 32-year-old Spanish model, who recently became the father of his first child, has also won everyone’s hearts with his sincere and good smile. attitude. Repeatedly during the second season, Andoni assured that he saw Exatlon United States more than as a sporting triumph, as a springboard for future opportunities on television, but along the way he fell in love with the circuits, and he showed it in the arenas by being one of the best.


ANDONI AND RED ENTER AND IMPROVE Exatlón United States USA # 5 # ExatlónEstadosUnidos #ExatlonEEUU # ExatlonEEUU5 The Fragment of Chapter 81 Exatlón United States – Exatlón USA # 5 Exatlón is a high performance sports competition where participants test their strength, intelligence and courage to become the outright winner. FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY 7 / 6C ELIMINATION SUNDAYS by TELEMUNDO Famous: Norma Palafox Nicole ReignerX10 Brenda… 2021-05-13T20: 45: 33Z

Well now the time has come to raise the Blues again, who have not seen light for several weeks, going consecutively to duels for permanence, which has represented a hard blow to self-esteem that could translate into more defeats, but, As we are used to, in Exatlon United States everything can change from one moment to another. We are sure that this arrival of “Superman” Andoni García will be very well received in the blue ranks, as it will give them another air and a new breath on the way to the grand final of the competition, which this time will crown two athletes.

Welcome, Champion!

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