EXATLON contestant came out of the closet ?: Rodrigo Romeh

Telemundo The Team Contendientes of the 5th Season of Exatlon USA.

The fifth season of EXATLON continues to give something to talk about. And it is that after the current version of the Telemundo reality show has had controversial episodes that include injuries, expulsions, crying, gossip, rumors and even alleged drug-related issues, a new fact is putting EXATLON again by word of mouth, but not because of something bad.

This time, the uproar comes from Rodrigo Romeh, the spoiled Mexican, who was eliminated a couple of weeks ago after a short stint through the competition’s fifth season.

The nice young man, considered a whole sex symbol among his almost 2 million followers on social networks, shared a photo on his Instagram account, which many took as a revelation about his sexual orientation, as he wrote a phrase alluding to having a “boyfriend” .

Rodrigo, whom his faithful followers constantly ask about who is the owner or owner of his heart, because despite being very open and constantly sharing talks and videos with his followers, he never mentions anything about any courtship, he has confused many with their publication.

The athlete posted on his Instagram a photograph in which he boasts of his anatomy and his famous abs, along with a frame that says at the bottom: “Mier .. I have a boyfriend” and above: “Delicious”, for his translation of the English to Spanish.

The written message makes no explicit mention of whether he is coming out of the closet or not, as Rodrigo limited himself to putting smileys of laughter, surprise and the face of talking too much: 😂😯🤭, but some of his fans took the post as a clear allusion to the fact that he is gay.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”, “Boyfriend? 😮😮😮 ”,“ you have a husband ”,“ introduce the boyfriend ”,“ I’m not jealous ”,“ it doesn’t matter hahaha. You’re still rich ”and“ we already knew you have a boyfriend ”were some of the comments that Rodrigo’s publication generated among those who took it as coming out of the closet.

Others, on the other hand, grabbed the publication of the former EXATLON athlete in another way, and understood that with the phrase “I have a boyfriend” next to the frame of the photo he put, what Rodrigo meant is that it would be prohibited for those who have any relationship with someone.

“I don’t have a Boyfriend baby !! With you always YUMY !! ”,“ YOU ARE A DELICIOUS !! ”,“ So much perfection, rich dad, give it to me ”,“ Even though I have a boyfriend, I can be with you ”, were the messages expressed by those who understood the message of the Mexican as a toy for those who they want to with him, but they are already engaged.

So far Rodrigo has not come out to clarify if his message was a way out of the closet or if it was actually a game with his fans, as some assumed.

But the truth is that the athlete stirred up the desire for him to speak openly about his sexuality, because those who are dying for him want to know if he likes men, women or both.

For now, as one of his fans said, they will continue to “take a peek” with the photos and videos that Rodrigo posts, and regardless of his sexual orientation, his fans agreed that they love him, respect him and above all, he admired for his great personality and charisma.

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