EXATLON 5 USA: Who was sentenced on June 25?

Telemundo The Team Contendientes of the 5th Season of Exatlon USA.

As the days progress in the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet”, Exatlon United States, there is no doubt that emotions are running high, and each “sentencing Friday” becomes an evening full of emotions in which The team is focused on continuing to advance without losing a member, and on the way to the long-awaited grand finale, in a long, unprecedented season, and like none that we have seen in the history of the competition.

Who was sentenced on June 25?

The day of Friday June 25, in which a warrior would be sentenced, with the girls of both teams in danger, was carried out in the so-called “iron circuit”, with an even fight where until the last moment he was not defined who would achieve the triumph.

After an unusually positive week for Team Famosos despite having Norma Palafox and Viviana Michel on leave and at rest, after a long losing streak, Friday’s episode began with Mirna Almada confirming that she felt worried about the possibility of being sentenced, and with Andoni García talking about the good competitive moment that Dave Sappelt is experiencing, and that that could have helped the Reds.

In the duel for the sentence on June 25, after a strong fight in which no defeatist attitude was seen from any team, the Contestants were defeated so that Mirna Almada was sentenced and frozen until Sunday June 27, where will fight against the girl who is the team that is defeated that night.


SENTENCED AND LOSE AGAIN Exatlón United States USA # 5 # ExatlónEstadosUnidos #ExatlonEEUU # ExatlonEEUU5 Fragment of Chapter 126 Exatlón United States – Exatlón USA # 5 Exatlón is a high performance sports competition where participants test their strength, intelligence and courage to become the outright winner. FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY 7 / 6C ELIMINATION SUNDAYS by TELEMUNDO Famous: Norma Palafox Nicole ReignerX10 Brenda… 2021-06-26T00: 17: 47Z

Regarding this, the different comments from the followers did not wait, grateful for the “awakening” of Team Famosos: “I knew that the reds were going to awaken. They are a very good team … although the Blues are also very powerful. from the beginning I am one of the reds. ” said a follower in the comments of this video that we shared, while another said “Keep underestimating my little reds! Every time they think they are powerful they fall. Contestants are not better, they think. Famous people I have never heard them express themselves of the other group as they do the azulitos. I AM FAMOUS TEAMS. “

The objective reality is that both teams, Famous and Contending, have struggled in a season that has lengthened, in very complicated conditions and even facing different events that had never happened in the history of the competition, such as different sanctions, and two expulsions for reasons unknown to the audience to this day, beyond a high-profile “breach of the rules of Exatlon United States.”

Unexpected week

The week that starts on Monday, June 28, is expected to be one without equal in Exatlon United States, with the possible arrival of new reinforcements for both teams, which has caused all kinds of reactions among the fans of the fifth season, ensuring That would be an “unfair incorporation”, since the competition is already in an advanced stage with athletes who have a lot of time under extreme conditions.

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