EXATLON 5 USA: Who is eliminated from April 4?

Telemundo Claudia Ramos

The slide circuit was the protagonist of the duel for the permanence in Exatlon United States. A particularly intense elimination night after a week full of news that have come out of the Dominican Republic, on the day of April 4, where the women of both teams are in danger, taking into account that the Famosos lost the circuit for the Sunday advantage, and they had to fight for 11 points, which they quickly matched with the first two points of the day.

The day for the stay of April 4 in Exatlon United States

The day was a very intense one where all the girls were in danger and on equal terms. The red team started undefeated, quickly eliminating the negative point that put them at a disadvantage. Just 30 minutes into the game for permanence, the Celebrities hadn’t let the Blues score a point. On a night that is clearly painted red.

The first blue point was in charge of Claudia Ramos, who put the scoreboard 4 to 1, giving that push to the Contestants to equalize the fight to remain in the competition. But that point was the only one for a long time, quickly the scoreboard went 6 to 1, making the fight increasingly difficult for Team Contendientes.

The second point of the day was in charge of the “Cowboy” Kelvin Renteria, one of the participants who constantly scores for his team and whose participation is necessary and welcome on elimination night.

In a past that has become a classic, Viviana Michell for the Famous and Denisse Novoa for the Contendings, but this particular night it was the participant nicknamed “The Huntress”, who took the board to 7 to 2, just to Claudia Ramos scoring her second point of the night, 7 to 3, scores the scoreboard.

The sorcerer, Rafael Soriano, who is unstoppable in the last circuits today showed all his claw, accumulating the fastest time and setting the score 8 to 5. Shortening the distances and making the competition even more exciting! So much so that it was precisely Rafael, who lengthened the Match Point of the Famous, and also got the sixth point for his team. Fight even in the middle of the circuit!

Claudia Ramos returned to the circuit against another powerhouse of the night, Nicole Regnier, in a race that could decide everything. And so it was, she was a woman who sealed the fate of the day so, according to the decision of Kelvin Noeh Renteria, Claudia Ramos, and Ana Parra, from Team Contendientes, disputed her permanence.

Ironically, Claudia Ramos won a safe conduct medal several days ago, but exchanged it for $ 5,000 in cash. How much he would have missed tonight! The fight with Ana Parra, one of the strongest participants in Exatlon United States, was definitely one to the death, where Parra started strong and ended just that way. On April 4, the dream ended for the Mexican from Los Angeles, Claudia Ramos, who arrived as a replacement and had an impeccable performance.

Thanks for everything, champion!

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