EXATLON 5 USA: When do the expelled athletes leave?

Telemundo Tavo Gonzalez was nicknamed “El León” during his time at Exatlon.

Much has been speculated for several days about an apparent breach of contract within the ranks of athletes in the fifth season of Exatlon United States. Such would be the situation that it would have cost two of them to participate in the competition, and would have others suspended for several days.

The causes for the production of Exatlon United States to take such a drastic measure have not been confirmed by the official source yet, among other things due to continuity issues, because in real time there is a difference of approximately 15 days to what we see on the screen, What is definitive is that much has been said and the controversy, of course, does not escape the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet”.

Athletes sent off

Several fan portals, including the famous “Keyla: The Queen of Spoilers” published the names of athletes who are no longer part of Exatlon United States. In HoyMismo we knew exclusively that it is “La Pantera” from Team Contendientes, Denisse Novoa, and Frank Beltre, “El Tanque” from Team Famosos. Coupled with this, there are several suspended athletes whose names are still unknown and could not be confirmed.

Both Denisse Novoa and Frank Beltre would already be in their respective cities of residence (Miami and New York, respectively), we assume that under strict confidentiality, until their departure is officially revealed, and the causes that led to their dismissal from the competition .

When are athletes expelled from the competition?

Since the news exploded in different media, much has been said about how we will see the news of the expulsion of Denisse Novoa and Frank Berltre from Exatlon United States, different portals for fans indicate that they will reveal that both athletes had hidden cell phones, which represents a flagrant violation of the competition rules, and that is why they would have been expelled, while others list other very delicate causes that would have led to this situation that has all Exatlon United States fans on alert.

Taking into account the recording times, several fan portals would ensure that this coming Sunday, April 11, will be the day when Denisse Novoa and “El Tanque” Frank Beltre are expelled from the fifth season of Exatlon United States and the dream of achieving glory. in the competition I finished for them.

Do not miss this video that explains the situation in more depth:


Reinforcements arrive at Exatlon United States

On the day of April 5, four reinforcements arrived at Exatlon United States to encourage their respective teams to continue accumulating victories in a crucial stage of the competition. they are two athletes per Team, Famous and Contending. Joined to them, several replacements of different athletes who have been injured are also already part of the competition, as is the case of Mirna Aldana for the Blues, and the professional baseball player of the major leagues, Dave Sappelt.

Either way, the fifth season of Exatlon United States continues unstoppable and at a crucial stage where every day everything changes for these warriors.

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