EXATLON 5 USA: Raquel defended Rafa “Yes it was robbery!”

Telemundo Raquel Becker is once again part of Team Contendientes.

It is already known to all the fans that during the seasons of Exatlon United States certain plays occur that ignite the controversy because they end up so tight that they generate conflicting opinions from the audience, recently it happened with the member of Team Contedientes Rafa Soriano, who faced Jacobo García in a circuit with all kinds of comments from his followers, stating that possibly a fraud would have been committed by eliminating the point from Soriano, nicknamed “El Brujo”, by all his fans.

The controversy of May 10 in Exatlon United States

The fight on May 10 was the controversial sea circuit for the stars, one of these had a day of necessary rest and fun on a catamaran, while the other had a cash prize of $ 10,000.00. Let us remember that this circuit has been the scene of difficult injuries in several seasons of the competition, among them that of the champion of the previous season, Nate Burkhalter, and more recently with the first of the long list of injured athletes, Andrea Nerio.

Was there fraud against “El Brujo” Soriano?

But the event of the day was the meeting between Rafael Soriano and “El Tarzán de las arenas” Jacobo García. When it was time to aim, Jacobo received the point despite the fact that, according to the followers of Exatlon United States, the ball that “El Brujo” would have thrown arrived seconds before.

The comments of the followers did not wait: “I don’t understand how production gave Jacobo the point when it was super clear that the blue one came first. The worst thing that has happened to the Blues has been the arrival of Mirna and Horacio, two good for nothing, they give up points all the time, and when it is important to make a point they don’t. They have been the worst. ” Ensures a fan of Exatlon United States on YouTube.

On the other hand, not only the fans of Rafa Soriano had a lot to say. His former teammate, and according to many rumors, possible current partner, Raquel Becker, also spoke about it, showing very indignant with what would have happened with “El Brujo”, do not stop watching this video:

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Becker was forceful in stating that he did not agree with the production’s decision and later, through his instagram stories, he shared the video.

“Hey, I just started watching yesterday’s episode of Exatlon, and it was a robbery at that point, it was robbery! I do not know in which head it is possible to say that the point was for Jacobo, I mean “… Raquel Becker affirmed.

Robbery or not, the alleged fraud has already happened, which if it is very tender is how Raquel Becker turned to defend Rafa Soriano, after so many comments about a possible love relationship between the two. We only have to wait once the season is over, and there we can find out if indeed, the couple in question is real, and it is not just another fleeting romance that was born in the sands of the Dominican Republic, remember that Rafa knows a lot about this, well He was already involved in a relationship with Dennhi Callú, another Contestant, in his first stint at Exatlon United States.

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