EXATLON 5 USA: Do women fake injury to rest?

Telemundo Viviana Michel is part of Team Famosos in Exatlon USA.

The fifth season of the Exatlon United States competition program is in that stage where everything is defined and each athlete decides their next strategies on the way to the round of 16, in which any false step can decide everything and where nothing can be taken for granted, we are getting closer and closer to meeting the two winners!

An atypical edition

It is no secret to anyone that the fifth edition of the favorite program of the Hispanic family in the United States, Exatlon, has been very particular, with innumerable injuries, athletes expelled, suspended and sanctioned, and above all, many months of competition, the current battle has represented an unparalleled retro for each athlete, where fatigue begins to play a predominant role between each of these warriors from the two teams.

We have already seen that the reinforcement of the Competitors who arrived a few days ago, Andoni García, after a few days of unstoppable triumphs, had an injury that reduced his participation for several days, but he is already back giving everything in the arenas, but now Apparently women would have taken notice and found themselves copying strategies to stay long term.

Do women fake injury to rest?

Social networks are in full swing with the latest events from Exatlon United States. In the fan profile, Movies MV, who always share all the information related to the competition, shared a message that an anonymous follower would have left that is presumed to be part of the show’s production, as it always reveals details that end up being true, in the text, this person said the following: “A norma and Viviana put them to rest feigning injury.”

Although this has not been verified so far, it is striking that the apparent injury of the Team Famosos hunter, Viviana Michel, has already taken place, and it is expected to see what would be happening with Norma Palafox, although in different entertainment portals ensure that in real time, the soccer player would also be injured.

Do not miss the video here with more information about this possible new strategy of the women of the Famosos team in Exatlon United States:


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Many have been the comments regarding these eventual injuries, since the followers of both teams have joined in a single call regarding the progress that the latest reinforcements that joined the competition are providing, by Team Famosos: Jorge Hugo Giraldo , and Dania Aguillón, and for the Contestants, Andoni García and Wilmarie Negrón, who have in common having given their team the necessary injection to advance solidly in the sporting battle.

Followers have been quick to comment on this. “When they talk about this ANDONI in the final, my blood catches, as if he arrived not a month ago, it would be the biggest televised trap, I still do not understand how they forced that guy recommended by Cheli, they have done what they have dear with the famous, is already good abuse. I’m crazy because it ends and they put on a good program for the public that is a real program, not favoritism for past promises. And if they do it again, let them be new contestants ”. This was the overwhelming message from a follower.

Others spoke about the supposed break for the women of Team Famosos. “Well there everyone has rested the one that I lived and Palafox do it it does not matter. Palafox has happened to all of them and he has never gone to rest and I lived The same for good or bad Jacobo and jeyvier rested. I don’t think that Palafox and I lived do that. “

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