Examiga de Bárbara de Regil affirms that the actress did hit her mother


In the last days Barbara de Regil he has been the target of ridicule and criticism for the false effect of his protein and for having expressed his opinion in favor of a political party in the midst of an electoral ban.

Now the opinion of an examiner is added, who has confirmed that the protagonist of ‘Rosario Tijeras’ It is false and has come to attack his mother.

And is that a few months ago, the influencer shared a video in which he butted his mother, content that was in very bad taste for users and criticism rained down in heaps. Bárbara de Regil said that they were getting along that way and not to be judged. However, one of her examines confessed that she does, that Bárbara de Regil hits his mom.

Through TikTok, Barbara’s alleged examiner spoke about her friendship with her and explained that, after some heavy attitudes from the actress, decided to move away and break communication.

The user registered as @ Onkardevakaur3 and he narrated that he does not seek to hang on to his fame, but to express how bad a person Bárbara is and that people see reality. He even called her “gañana y patana” and “opportunist”.

They know that I know Barbara de Regil and Claudia very well. I knew her as Claudia. I want to say that I am someone who knows who Claudia is; I agree with his makeup artist, with this guy who is dedicated to doing laboratory tests. She is a very dirty woman, I do know her. I cannot boast that it is something ‘wow’ to meet her, she is a very rude woman who has beaten her mother, because she has beaten her, ”said Barbara’s examiner.

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Likewise, the user specified that on one occasion the influencer had a very strong fight with one of her uncles and that She is not the kind of woman that people want to be with.

They began to say rude words, she is not the kind of woman with which one if you wanted to hang out. She and I don’t talk to each other because when she started to be famous she “got on it.” What Xavier Kuri says is a reality, it is a win, he used to get money from his grandmother when the performance began ”, he continued.

The examiner assures that Bárbara de Regil he is not who he appears to be And well, people believe that what he says makes sense.


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