“Ex Timbiriche”, Sasha Sökol and the romance with Luis Miguel

“Ex Timbiriche”, Sasha Sökol and the romance with Luis Miguel | Instagram

In the midst of the numerous conquests of Luis Miguel, Sasha Sökol was one of those on the list, the “ex Timbiriche“relives memories of his romance with the” Sol de México “, and some details of a bioseries of his legendary group.

The famous Sasha sokol, who at some point was part of the life of Luis Miguel, was questioned by the press after the controversy that the bioseries of Netflix that captures the life of the “Puerto Rican”.

He was temporary as a couple, but he was very solid as friends and I am very proud of him, he is a magnificent singer and I fully understand the interest that his life generates for the public, the singer replied to the press.

In addition, Sökol, reiterated that so far, he has not seen Luis Miguel: The series, so he can not comment on it.

The truth is that I have not had the pleasure of seeing the series, so I cannot comment, commented the

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The singer, actress and songwriter, Sasha Marianne Diez Cuillery, better known in the industry as Sasha Sökol, one of the members of the famous group of “Timbiriche“It would cause great controversy when in the 90’s there was rumor about his relationship with the so-called” Sol de México “.

Although for several years, those involved were the target of various speculations, it was until several years later that a relationship between the two was confirmed.

The versions took more force after the Mexican actress and composer and the interpreter of “Hasta que me forgets”, together attended the awards ceremony of Eres magazine, a publication of which they headed the cover in 1988.

Born in Mexico City in 1970, she began her musical career in 1980, after recording her first film, “Looking for my childhood”, in 1975, Sasha Marianne Diez Cuillery, would soon show her artistic concerns.

Her career within the group returned her together with her colleagues, one of the favorites among the public with hits such as “Life is better singing” “Summer nights”, “Today I have to tell you dad”, “Mexico”, “I run , I fly, I accelerate “, among others that marked the first musical stage of the band.

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During her time as a member of the musical phenomenon, Sasha shared success with Paulina Rubio, Benny Ibarra, Alix Bauer, Diego Schoenning and Mariana Garza. A year later Erick Rubín joined Timbiriche and later Eduardo Capetillo, who replaced Benny in November.

“They will have a biographical series”

The also theater actress in works such as the musical “Vaselina”, anticipated that they have received offers for Timbiriche to have its own series.

We have received many proposals over the years and it seems to us an interesting project, but only if we can really make it magical, and that depends on so many factors, starting with the spine, which is the text, he commented.

If we find a text and we manage to land something that really fascinates us and we feel that it does justice to the story we have to tell, I think we can do it in a few years.

Likewise, the “soloist” embraces the idea that the plot addresses the lives of all the members of the successful group of the 80s and 90s.

We are going to talk about Timbiriche, we cannot talk about Paulina and Thalía, they are very important characters within the group, like Eduardo Capetillo, Biby Gaytán. All the others, if you talk about Timbiriche, you will talk about all of them, he said.

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Send a message to OV7

Sasha Sökol, addressed in a way about the situation faced by his colleagues from OV7 in the face of the problems that the pop group is going through.

They are very beautiful, healthy guys and they are very loved. Human relationships are complicated, groups are complicated, I hope they can resolve their differences and think about the public, how happy they are with their music, but if they are not happy they cannot, he said.

“My love for Atlético will be forever, I became a fan of the club”

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