WASHINGTON. US authorities detained two men, including a former special forces soldier, on charges of helping former Nissan President Carlos Ghosn flee last December from Japan, where he is accused of financial crimes.

Those arrested are Michael and Peter Taylor, father and son of 59 and 27 years, respectively, and whose extradition Japan is demanding, according to court documents that Efe agreed to.

Japan had requested the surrender of those two individuals and a third party identified as George-Antoine Zayek for their alleged connection to Ghosn’s flight.

The former director, who has triple nationality (French, Lebanese and Brazilian), left Japan before midnight on December 29 at the Kansai International Airport, and aboard private planes traveled first to Turkey and then to Lebanon.

The fugitive did not go through any immigration control in Japan, since, according to sources close to the former president of Nissan, he hid inside a box or a trunk to get to the plane.

According to court documents released today by the United States, Ghosn was able to get into that box or trunk thanks to the help of one of the detainees, Michael Taylor, who is also a former Special Forces soldier, and George-Antoine Zayek, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Supposedly, on the day of the flight, on December 29, 2019, Michael Taylor and Zayek traveled in a private plane from Dubai to the Kansai International Airport in Japan and, upon entering the Japanese country, identified themselves as musicians carrying “two big black boxes “with audio equipment.

The two men met Ghosn at a hotel, who hid in one of those large boxes and was thus able to leave Japan without the authorities noticing.

According to US prosecutors, in the months leading up to that operation, Michael Taylor and his son Peter traveled to Japan three times (in July, August, and December 2019) and met Ghosn on at least seven occasions.