The former interim governor of Coahuila, Jorge Juan Torres López, admitted to having made financial transactions to hide bribes he received in the American union.

By: Web Writing

United States.- Jorge Juan Torres López, former governor of Coahuila, he declared guilty to participate in a scheme money laundering before a court of Southern District of Texas.

The former president will now be sentenced in September, as confirmed by prosecutor Ryan K. Patrick.

Torres López, who was interim governor of the state during 2011, was extradited to the United States in October 2019 after his arrest, which occurred in February of that year in Puerto Vallarta.

« Jorge Juan Torres López, 66, admitted to having made financial transactions in the United States to hide the bribes he received here, in exchange for road construction contracts for the state of Coahuila, » said the prosecutor for the Southern District of Texas.

The politician was charged in 2017 for having participated in a scheme of money laundering, which included crimes against a foreign nation, in addition to bribery of a public official and misappropriation, theft and embezzlement of public funds for the benefit of an official.

He too former governor Coahuilense was accused of bank and electronic fraud.

It was indicated that as part of the plea agreement, Torres López agreed to leave a property in the United States, which was linked to the case.

It will be on September 10 when he is sentenced, in which he could face a sentence of up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $ 500,000.