Formerly “Globo” and youtuber on the “Stacked” channel, journalist Thiago Asmar was categorical when criticizing “TV Globo”, this Wednesday, after bullshit between Walter Casagrande and Caio Ribeiro, both commentators on the station. After a disagreement among former athletes about the political opinions of former player Raí, Asmar classified as “cowardice” having placed Caio and Casão face to face in “Bem, Amigos!” last Monday.

– I tried really hard to stay out of this subject so it doesn’t get into controversy, but it’s no use. Once again, I will have to talk about the broadcaster I worked on for nine years. What happened at “Well, Friends!” it was cowardice. Absurd what they did with Caio Ribeiro and I can speak with propriety because I already suffered a lot – said Thiago in a video posted on YouTube.

Also according to Thiago Asmar, there is a “clique” at Globo that does not admit to being contradicted and who disagrees with these people would suffer somehow. Even at the beginning of the video, the journalist still remembers a sentence from May 2017 where the former Corinthians striker and idol of Fiel would have asked for “caution to players who support politicians”. Asmar implied supposed partiality in the speech.

– Caio had to go inside Casão in the discussion. I have nothing against Casagrande, but who the fuck is he to talk ethics to anyone? I have my faults and I assume my faults, but will you crucify the guy in the face of all the mistakes he has already had?

For the journalist, Caio Ribeiro was “cornered” in the attraction and classified as “massacre” the way the situation was treated. Asmar also said that Raí could indeed address political issues even though he was a representative of São Paulo, but said that Caio was only “attacked” for “thinking outside the box” and disagreeing with the alleged “pot” mentioned.

On April 30, the idol of São Paulo Raí, who is the club’s leader, criticized the administration of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, amid the coronavirus pandemic in the country. For Raí, the politician “is at the limit of irresponsibility” by going against sanitary orders to prevent the disease. He even suggested Bolsonaro’s resignation in the most extreme case.

At night, Caio Ribeiro participated in one of the programs of “SporTV” and said he did not like the political statements of a football manager. The sentence was enough for internet users to complain about Caio. Walter Casagrande was the one who did not remain silent, who classified the phrase as “censorship”.

This Monday, the two were invited to Galvão Bueno’s program, “Bem, Amigos!”, And returned to debate the issue. Caio said he was misinterpreted and went on to say that he did not support the criticism of a leader on politics. Casagrande was firm and said that Caio could have been clearer in his speech.

The Corinthians idol returned to speak of “anti-democratic” acts and reaffirmed freedom of expression, even for representatives of football clubs. Caio was not comfortable and the debate stretched on the program.

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