Ex-driver of Hoy confesses to having had a relationship with a woman

Former driver of Hoy confesses having had a relationship with a woman | Instagram

The beautiful and controversial Natalia Tellez surprised with a new confession about his love life on the show Divine Net. The former host of the Hoy Program surprised her colleagues when she revealed that she gave herself some delicious kisses with a woman.

The television host said that he tried to have a relationship with a woman, this after ending a courtship and that when he went out with the girl, he gave her tremendous kisses.

Natalia Téllez shared that she had just broken up with a boyfriend she loved a lot and started dating other guys; however, she ended up asleep on every date no matter how handsome or handsome the man in question was.

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Faced with this situation, the actress also shared with a specialist that perhaps she could like both men and women, since she knew she liked men, but apparently the boys were boring her.

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After the confession, it was the same expert who invited the beautiful Natalia Téllez out, who attended the appointment with a group of friends. The famous shared that she confessed to her sister that she considered the possibility that she was a lesbian, since she was dating a girl.

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Téllez revealed that the young woman was very pretty and gave her tremendous kisses; however, the relationship between the two did not prosper. Could it be that he definitely doesn’t like women?

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The most famous romantic relationship that Téllez has had was with youtuber Chumel Torres. The followers of both were quite surprised by the end of the engagement since even years later, Torres continues to speak with great affection about the driver. Many hope one day a reconciliation will come.

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