Ex-convict fulfilled his great dream after 26 years in prison

He fulfilled his great dream after 26 years in prison 0:54

(CNN Spanish) – Through his powerful words, Aaron Taylor wants to show the world that you learn from mistakes, that many times there is a second chance and that you can also help other people.

After spending 26 years in the California prison of San Quentin, as he says in front of the NBA cameras, Taylor fulfilled one of his great dreams and was the guest commentator in the game of the Golden State Warriors against the Rockets of Houston in the main duel of the western conference of the league. But this is not the most exciting thing ever.

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When interviewed at the end of the meeting by the NBC sports network, the 55-year-old man expressed some moving words about the transformation he had when he was deprived of his freedom and how he turned his mistake to serve others.

In an interview with player Stephen Curry, Taylor said: “I worked hard for 26 years to rehab. In the process of achieving this, I dedicated myself to developing an attitude that I could be better than I had been. Once I adopted that mentality, of being better than I was, it was time to tell other people that they could also be better than they think they are. “

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After the final whistle, Taylor shared an emotional hug with Stephen Curry, a player who knows his story very well.

Aaron Taylor and the Warriors met when the team visited San Quentin 8 years earlier to play a game with the prison quintet. It was then that his talent was seen by former Golden State manager Mark Jackson.

The Warriors not only won the game against the Rockets 125-109, but they also added some great talent to their team off the court.

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