Ewan McGregor confessed a heartbreaking truth about Yoda

Filming with Yoda, being a puppet, can be an epic experience, but there were things that totally marked the career of the cast of The Phantom Menace. These were Ewan McGregor’s revelations.

Yoda is one of the most loved and admired characters by fans of Star wars. The wisdom, serenity, and philosophy of the ancient Jedi Master has been an icon to many throughout the years. However, working directly with him is another story. Ewan McGregor revealed more about it.

The actor who has been giving life to Obi-Wan Kenobi For so long he explained how it was the experience of sharing the set with that unforgettable being that emanates knowledge and power of ‘The Force’. However, accompanying him was not always rosy.

And why speak of said character as if it were real? Because for the artist, as for all the members of the cast of the Episode I: The Phantom MenaceIt was, since they were in the same place with a manipulated puppet that moved and reacted to the actions of others.

The puppet (image) used for such film was replaced by CGI in 2011

The puppet was one more performer and this totally marked his “companions”. These crossed by means of a total innovation in the seventh art.

For McGregor, the above was epic, but there were also moments that were more than painful, because there was something that did not leave him calm. In an interview with the medium Variety, the celebrity analyzed these moments of his career.

“The first movie I made, I was lucky enough to do my scenes with Yoda’s puppet. And it was extraordinary, because I acted with him. He couldn’t believe he was acting with Yoda. There are so many people who operate it, and the stage is raised so that they are under the floor and we literally walked side by side, and he is alive, “he said.

He also revealed the heartbreaking and cruel part that he experienced in the shots.

“So every time George [Lucas] called to cut, Yoda died, because everyone just stopped. It was a bit disturbing every time the end of the scene came, ”he commented.

This can be compared with the work that the distribution of The Mandalorian, who had to film with the doll of Grogu.

In this way, and after these words, Ewan McGregor continues to prepare for the premiere of the Obi-Wan series, which will be available at Disney +.

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