The new generation of the Audi infotainment system is already here and will begin to be installed on the company’s models in the last quarter of the year

MIB 3 (Modular Infotainment Toolkit) Is the new generation of the infotainment system of Audi, which will be faster and will allow you to enjoy natural language voice commands, in addition to integrating new functionalities, such as the content platform SiriusXM with 360L, a new service of Unlimited WiFi with connection for up to eight devices or hybrid digital radio.

This new system will be available both in the new Audi A3 Sportback and the models Audi A4, TO 5, A6 and A7, and its SUVs, from the Audi Q3 to the Q8.

THE MY B Sold as a fully updated platform that will rival the system MBUX of Mercedes Benz.

Audi A8 interior.
Credit: Courtesy Audi.

This third generation of the MIB has increased its speed thanks to a new chipset that Audi claims are up to 10 times faster compared to its predecessor, the MIB 2. Its operating system is based on Linux and it is equipped with a modem LTE Advanced Pro with a maximum download speed of 1 Gbps.

The Audi MIB will also integrate new applications and functionalities such as the SiriusXM streaming with 360L, which offers more than 10,000 hours of multimedia content such as music, interviews or concerts.

The option of hybrid digital radio It operates automatically or on demand, and allows you to listen to a channel even when you have left the range. When it detects a weak signal, it changes the digital version and when the signal improves, it goes back to the terrestrial.

Audi MIB 3.
Credit: Courtesy Audi.

The latest version of the application myAudi It will also be included in this update of MIB 3 and will offer greater capacity, allowing for more interactions of Function on Demand, as well as new more flexible subscription plans for customers and a more simplified payment for Audi connect Prime and Plus.

The car’s rear-view mirror will include an integrated toll module so you can synchronize it and forget about other unnecessary devices.

Finally the MIB 3 will feature Amazon Alexa Auto and it will be available for more models of the brand, allowing it to be linked with the device of the home. This option will allow you to access weather information, receive news or add items to your to-do or shopping list, as well as listen to music or audiobooks and control home devices remotely.


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