It seems hard to believe, but Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft debuted in 2014. Since then, Blizzard Entertainment has worked hard to nurture and pamper a community. To achieve this, it has launched expansions, updates, new modes and events that have been pleasant surprises that keep the members of its broad community hooked and happy.

Despite the obstacles that everyone has faced in 2020, Blizzard’s commitment to the Hearthstone community has not diminished. In fact, the team behind the card game worked non-stop to deliver the news their community deserves. The result was Scholomance Academy, a new expansion that, in addition to marking a new chapter in Hearthstone history, brought more cards and surprises as single-player content.

But what exactly does Scholomance Academy offer? Why is the community excited about your departure? The answers to these and other questions can be found in this article dedicated to the new expansion for Hearthstone.

What is the Scholomance Academy?

Hearthstone is a game that from its roots is linked to Warcraft. So, it has been normal to see characters from the Blizzard franchise, and ideas have been taken from their lore to take us on exciting adventures with intense card duels. But then what the heck is the Scholomance Academy in the World of Warcraft?

In case you are not a fan of Warcraft, but love the mechanics of Hearthstone, we tell you that Scholomance is a dark arts academy for the necromancers of The Plague. In World of Warcraft it appears as an area with clashes against powerful bosses who are experts in the dark arts.

Something that has also characterized Hearthstone is that it takes creative liberties to reinterpret elements of the world of Warcraft, and that happened with Scholomance. Here, the card game takes the idea of ​​a magic academy to take us on an adventure with the sense of elegance that only a prestigious academy can offer.

Remember that Hearthstone’s gameplay mechanics are usually thematically consistent with the rest of the expansion. This can be seen reflected in the Scholomance Academy, which is why it presents novelties, cards and mechanics designed around the school theme and what Scholomance can offer its students.

New mechanics and more cards

Scholomance Academy is a new expansion for Hearthstone that thematically focuses on an academy dedicated to educating the next breed of great wizards. Here, the students are under the tutelage of Headmaster Kel’Thuzadm, a demanding and talented wizard. The interesting thing is that the harsh educational regime of the place allows them to become expert magicians in 2 different careers.

Remember we mentioned that expansion mechanics are usually thematically consistent with the rest of the expansion? In Scholomance Academy we see it with the arrival of the double class cards. In short, we can describe them as cards that use combinations of classes to deliver new strategies.

The 10 class combinations that you will find in Scholomance Academy are the following:

Druid / Hunter
Hunter / Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter / Warlock
Warlock / Priest
Priest / Paladin
Paladin / Warrior
Warrior / Rogue
Rogue / Mage
Mage / Shaman
Shaman / Druid

It should be noted that Scholomance Academy will have 135 new cards. Of these, 40 will be double class.

This is what a Scholomance Academy game looks like

Another novelty of the expansion is the Studios. This is a new type of spell that allows you to reveal a card immediately and reduces the mana cost of the next card of the same type that you play. A new keyword is also added: Sudden Magic, which activates a special effect when casting a spell. This will allow you, for example, to obtain divine shield or to cause damage to all other minions.

As you can see, Scholomance Academy is an expansion that has the potential to catch the attention of Hearthstone veterans, adding details that offer new possibilities for experience and strategies to stay fresh. However, it can also appeal to new players thanks to an attractive theme full of magic.

The Forbidden Library, an event with surprises and rewards

Any Hearthstone expansion that really wants to excite the community cannot rest on its laurels and therefore offers more than what was included in its original release. An expansion needs to have events that keep interest high and that provide a reason for players to return week by week.

That’s why The Forbidden Library kicks off today, September 8, a new 3-week event where you’ll have plenty of reasons to return to Hearthstone. It just so happens that Blizzard Entertainment has prepared new features for the game, a new free single-player adventure and a ton of rewards.

To avoid confusion, let’s go in parts: today starts the first week of The Forbidden Library, an event that brings an important update: the opportunity to create groups of up to 8 friends to participate in Battlegrounds. If you are going to play private games you can make groups with 5 or more players, while for classified games you can only make groups of 4 users or less. That’s not all, since it also evolved with the arrival of Lord Barov, Jandice Barov and the Guardian of the forest Omu as heroes.

Like the cherry on the cake, in the first week of The Forbidden Library the Wild MegaCombo will also be offered. These are 56 card packs that belong to previous expansions. As you can see, it is a good opportunity to finally get that letter that you have been looking for so long, but that you simply have not managed to get.

Things will get really interesting starting on September 15, the day that the second week of The Forbidden Library will start with a very special surprise. It turns out that Blizzard has been working on a new free adventure for one player, in which we will control Jaina Valiente to accompany her on her way from being a scholar to becoming a powerful magician. This adventure will be linear and you will face 8 bosses. If you defeat them you will get 1 Wizard pack with cards of this type.

It is important to note that this adventure will be the first chapter of the Hearthstone Book of Heroes. It is a series of stories focused on the 10 main heroes and heroines of the card game. The rest of the episodes will arrive in the game in the next 12 months, so we recommend that you be aware of the news that Blizzard reveals.

It will be on September 23 when the third and last week of The Forbidden Library is celebrated. In it there will be something that will interest all players who want to demonstrate their skills in Hearthstone and be rewarded for it. We mean that, in exchange for 1000 units of gold (or $ 139 MXN / $ 5490 CLP / $ 155 ARS / $ 9.99 USD), you can participate in a new competitive tavern Brawl using cards from your own collection. Among the prizes for this challenge are card packs, gold, dust, and golden legendary cards, so it’s worth taking part.

How to get all the news from Academia Scholomance?

After reading everything we mentioned, you may want to head over to Hearthstone to find out all the new things Scholomance Academy has to offer. It is also likely that you are wondering what you have to do to enjoy its news.

Fortunately, everything is very simple. Scholomance Academy arrived at Hearthstone on August 6, 2020. To obtain it, all you have to do is install Hearthstone on your phone or PC and download its latest update.

Now, in case you want to take advantage of the whole experience, we remind you that Blizzard offers different packages of envelopes so you can get the 135 cards that are part of Scholomance Academy. There are options for different budgets, from a pack of 2 envelopes for $ 42 MXN, to one with 60 envelopes for $ 929 MXN.

Of course, it is important not to get confused, since all the surprises of Academia Scholomance are available to anyone who has Hearthstone installed. For example, if you want to enjoy the surprises of the Forbidden Library that debut today, September 8, you will simply have to update the latest version of the game. As simple as that.

Hearthstone and Scholomance Academy are available on PC, as well as mobile phones or tablets with iOS and Android. You can learn more about Blizzard’s popular card game by clicking here.