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Excessively expensive fees and the work and family burdens that we all deal with on a daily basis can make us not find enough time to sign up for crossfit and practice one of the most complete sports that exist today. This sports discipline has positioned itself in recent years as one of the most popular physical activities thanks to its benefits and the ease of practicing it anywhere. Indeed. You don’t have to leave the house if you don’t want (or can) to shape your body through crossfit. Of course, we must find a large enough space in which to develop it. The garage or a room the size of a spacious living room is the perfect place to practice it. It must be taken into account that, in general, crossfit is carried out in a box that is usually located in a hangar or in an industrial warehouse. Hence, we need to accommodate our equipment in a space spacious enough to avoid taking risks. Once we find the ideal place, we just need a little willpower.

Plus, it won’t cost you much to get hooked on it. The reason is that this high intensity ‘fitness’ discipline achieves that, through different types of exercises, you work the different muscle groups in the same session. Magic? No, perseverance and effort. This sport, whose origins go back to the physical preparation that police and firefighters faced in the United States at the beginning of this millennium, will make improve your agility, flexibility, speed, power and strength. These are some of the benefits that you can experience in the short term:

Increased muscle strength. By working together all the muscles of the body, the muscle mass will experience an increase and therefore the muscle strength will grow in a parallel way. Greater resistance. Although the beginnings will be hard, the perseverance in its practice will make the body resist and endure increasingly complicated and prolonged exercises. Weightloss. Being a high intensity exercise, you can reduce the percentage of body fat in less time than you expected.

Ready to become a crossfit pro without leaving home? Here you have a selection of ‘fitness’ items with which your home will become your best gym.


With different sizes, these gloves are one of the best products to do crossfit. Of different sizes and unisex, they have good ventilation, so that the hand does not get wet and the skin is not damaged. They also have a small element of wrist strap incorporated, for the protection of the joint. And it will allow you to make a strong grip on the weights or bars, offering you a good padding so that your hands are not damaged.

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With the wristbands you can get rid of future injuries to your wrist. Think of this as one of the weakest joints. Therefore, these adhesive tapes, on which you yourself can mark the pressure and protection that your wrists need, will be especially useful for the crossfit. In addition, thanks to the pressure they exert you will be able to move and lift more weight comfortably, since they will provide you with stability and adapt perfectly to you.

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A mat is essential for floor exercises, very present in crossfit and in other sports, such as Pilates. If you want buy crossfit products on Amazon, this has to be one of the main ones. At 7 millimeters thick, it is light in weight and can be easily folded and stored. It measures 173 cm long by 61 cm wide. In addition, it is designed to remain stationary and prevent movement.

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Bodybuilding kit

This kit is perfect and has different products to do crossfit. It has a push-up board with grips and different angles or inclinations to work in different ways. You will also have a wheel that will allow you to do abs and work them completely. You will be able to see a series of resistant bands with different weights and very useful resistances to work all the muscles of your body. And finally, a jump rope for cardio.

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High speed jump rope

Ideal for double jumps, its strong, light and flexible design will allow you to establish the rhythm that best suits your training. Jumping with it will allow you to complete an ideal cardiovascular exercise to burn fat in record time. Its cable has a protective coating that prevents it from bending or tangling. Ideal for not tripping.

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Abdominal exercise mat

Its curved shape is ideal for the abs to be easily stretched in the lower part of the movement, also allowing a complete contraction in the upper part of the movement. Its firmness will mean that you don’t have to worry about stabilizing your body (this type of exercise is essential).

BUY (€ 29.95)

Dumbbell set

This complete pack includes 2 dumbbell handles, 4x 0.5kg plates, 4x 1.25kg plates, 4x 2.5kg plates, 4 collars and an extended barbell. The materials with which it has been manufactured are free of phthalate and lead and its design is non-slip and ergonomic.

BUY (€ 100.99)

Curved barbell with weights

Get ready to shape your muscles and develop your strength to the maximum with this long bar that features two trapezoidal threads for better fixation.

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Set of elastic resistance bands

These five elastic bands of different intensity levels can be used alone or in combination. They are perfect for training arms, back, shoulders, legs & mldr; They can also be used for stretching exercises.

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Set of weights

Made of premium cast iron, these weights guarantee extreme durability and are ideal for cardio and strength training.

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Training hammer

Made of steel with a chrome effect, exercising with it is perfect if what you want to achieve is to improve balance, coordination, posture and agility.

BUY (€ 64.90)

Chin-up bar

Functional 4-in-1 device that features 3 grip positions and unlimited exercise possibilities. Its smart design offers optimal support, and it also features sweat-repellent and breathable grips.

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