everything we know about the new high-end cell phone and why people are excited about its launch

There were leaks and images of the cell phone without even having been launched by Xiaomi.

We were all surprised on February 12 when a renowned YouTuber was shown on the video platform, with the My 11 Ultra in your hands. The amazement comes because Xiaomi the device has not been released for sale. Also, he hasn’t revealed much information either. Therefore, it is very strange, that a third actor has it in his hands and apart from publishing it.

However, the leak issue is a matter for Xiaomi’s marketing team. For this part, we take advantage of the images and detail what is known about its launch, until now.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 (normal version) was presented at the end of December 2020. And it was not until February 2021 that it began to be seen in the market. So, whether the Ultra or Pro version is already without any ad, makes us compare what is filtered with what is already known.

What is known about the new Xiaomi

At the time the images were leaked, we detailed what we could see. Similarly, we do a brief review to refresh our memory.

One of the main points is the double screen of the device. In addition to the front, which appears to be the same 6.8 inches, there is an additional one at the rear. This is located in the module where the sensors and angles of the rear cameras are placed.

In principle, it seems to be used to frame a photograph or see notifications and calls, while we have the equipment face down.

Very little is known about its release date. But rumors indicate that the same coming week Xiaomi will issue an official statement to present it. They specify that it would be February 23. In the same way, this is a rumor that runs through social networks.