The starting price of the Honda Jazz 2020 in Spain is 22,900 euros

The Crosstar version brings a more rustic touch to the set

The new Honda Jazz 2020 is a B-segment vehicle that is powered by a hybrid system, which represents one of its main innovations. The Japanese firm gives the possibility of choosing between two different bodies, one of them with a more rustic air called Crosstar. It is for sale from 22,900 euros.

The new generation of Honda Jazz reaches segment B with a clear objective, the Toyota Yaris. Like its Japanese neighbor, it incorporates a hybrid motorization. The decision to equip such a propeller is due to the fact that Honda pursues the objective of having its main European models have an electric propulsion system by 2022. Other rivals are the Renault Clio or the Mazda2.

The Honda Jazz 2020 is the first model in the Japanese range to incorporate the new emblem e: HEV. In this way, the utility becomes the first example of the denomination Honda e: Technology, which will apply to all future Honda electrical products. His presentation should have occurred at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, finally canceled due to the coronavirus.


The Honda Jazz 2020 has a length of 4.04 meters, a width of 1.69 meters, a height of 1.53 meters and a battle of 2.52 meters. The Crosstar version is 4.09 meters long and shares the rest of the heights. Of course, the ground clearance of this body is 152 millimeters instead of 136.

The aesthetic evolution of Honda Jazz 2020 Compared to its predecessor it results in a vehicle with a simpler design and fluid lines. For example, the A-pillar reduces its width by half, resulting in improved visibility. This detail and others do not prevent the car from improving its torsional rigidity.

The side of the car features an upper part with more marked and vertical lines, which places a special emphasis on the rear fender and wheel arches. The result is a feeling of greater breadth than that of its predecessor. The rear, for its part, is a new example of cleaning, and presents optics arranged horizontally and a small roof spoiler.

The Honda Jazz Crosstar 2020 Offers an exclusive design on the front grille and integrated roof bars. This version allows the customer to paint the roof in a different color than the rest of the body. The 16-inch wheels it equips are specific.


Sling has sought to move into the Jazz 2020 the cleanliness of the exterior design, something that is noticeable, for example, in a clear dashboard. There is also an armrest in the center console, something that is not typical of this segment. The seats, meanwhile, are wider and offer a stabilizing body design. Its supports are designed to relieve fatigue. Also, in the version Crosstar the upholstery is waterproof.

The Japanese brand ensures that this new Honda Jazz 2020 It is a class leader in interior space, something that has been accomplished with clever solutions like placing the fuel tank in the center of the chassis, just under the front seats. This also allows to have the system Honda Magic Seats In the back. These seats can be fully folded down to achieve the highest possible load capacity. The upholstery that includes the Honda Jazz Crosstar is waterproof.

It also improves the infotainment system, which can now double as a Wi-Fi hotspot. The 9-inch LCD touchscreen offers an interface similar to that of a Smartphone. In addition, it supports protocols Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For its part, the control panel has a screen TFT seven inches. In the case of the lighter finish, the central screen is 5 inches.

Just below the multimedia screen appear the climate control, something for which Honda has once again resorted to physical controls. According Takeki Tanaka, leader of the Jazz project, the Japanese firm has opted for such a solution to avoid distractions. “We have changed our digital display for physical controls for functional reasons. Feedback with our customers pointed out that the digital controls were not intuitive to use.” In addition, Honda ensures that it has simplified the operations to be performed on the multimedia system by up to 58%.

The boot capacity is between 304 and 1,205 liters for the Jazz and between 298 and 1,199 for the Jazz crosstar.

The variant Crosstar of the Honda Jazz It features an eight-speaker sound system that includes an aluminum dome tweeter, Honda’s exclusive Kevlar conical speakers, and a subwoofer in the trunk.


The Honda Jazz 2020 It incorporates an interesting battery of driving aids and security systems. In this sense, the Honda Sensing adds to the existing functions a wider high-definition camera that replaces the previous model and radar configuration. With it you can better see what is happening outside the vehicle.

On the other hand, the impact prevention and mitigation system –CMBS– has been improved with the night driving function with detection of pedestrians and cyclists on unlit roads and with the ability to apply the brakes when detecting a vehicle that crosses or joins the rail. Adaptive Cruise Control –ACC– now incorporates the low-speed monitoring function in traffic jams, the lane keeping system and the road keeping system on urban, rural and motorway roads.

Other security systems including Honda Jazz They are unintended lane departure warning and prevention, lane departure warning, traffic signal recognition, intelligent speed limiter, automatic high beam and blind spot information.

The new grain of sand also provides safety front center airbag, which is installed on the back of the driver’s seat and expands in the space between it and the passenger. This new airbag is one of the ten that incorporates the new Jazz, and is capable of reducing head injuries by 85% in the case of the passenger if it is on the side where the impact occurs and 98% if occurs on the opposite side.

In addition, the body of the Japanese urban is the Honda ACE, which consists of a network of connected structural elements that distributes the energy of a possible impact more uniformly across the front of the vehicle, so that the force transmitted to the passenger compartment is reduced.

The My Honda + Smarphone app allows users to stay connected to the car remotely. Among other functions, it allows configuring a possible route remotely or opening and closing the car. The app also provides GPS location monitoring and vehicle tracking functions. The smart geo-perimeter feature can also be activated to alert the owner if the vehicle is moving outside the previously established area. In addition, a notification is sent to the application installed on the smartphone if the car security alarm is activated.

The range of Honda Jazz 2020 It consists of three trim levels, which are the Comfort, the Elegance and the Executive. Apart is the Crosstar version, which is a level of finish on its own.


The Honda Jazz 2020 It is sold in Europe with a hybrid drive system of two electric motors – one acting as a generator and the other as an impeller – which is based on three keys, which are performance, ease of driving and fuel economy. It is a system designed exclusively for this vehicle.

The power of the complete set is 109 horses, while its maximum torque is 253 Newton meter. All in all, the Honda Jazz is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers / hour in 9.4 seconds, in addition to reaching a top speed of 175 kilometers / hour. The thermal engine is 1.5 liters and alone develops 98 horsepower and 131 Newton meter. Of the battery, which is lithium-ion, Honda has only said that it has less than 1 kilowatt hour of capacity.

The average fuel consumption according to the WLTP homologation protocol is 4.5 l / 100 km with emissions of 102 grams of CO2 per kilometer. The Crosstar version increases these scales to 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers and 110 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

The vehicle’s drive system is in any case front. The transmission is CVT automatic.

The Honda Jazz It has three different driving modes. The first is the EV, and in it the battery powers the electric drive motor directly. For its part, the Hybrid mode ensures that the gasoline engine supplies power to the second electric motor-generator, which in turn receives electrical assistance from the battery. The last one is Engine mode, in which a clutch lock mechanism generates a connection in which the gasoline engine provides the transmission directly to the wheels.


The Honda Jazz 2020 has a starting price of 22,900 euros in Spain. The Crosstar version starts at 27,900.


Date Upgrade 06/19/2020 We attended the national digital presentation of the new Honda Jazz 2020. 05/14/2020 Honda details the operation of the three driving modes of the Jazz. 03/31/2020 Honda confirms the reason that the Jazz has physical controls for the climate control. 02/13/2020 Honda Jazz prices confirmed 01/23/2020 Honda confirms new details about the Jazz 2020. 10/23/2019 Honda reveals the first data and images of the Jazz 2020. 10/22/2019 Final appearance leaking of the car. 10/16/2019 Honda presents a teaser of the new model. 10/08/2019 Confirmation of the presentation date of the Honda Jazz 2020.

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