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Rocío Barrios grew up in Cádiz and studied Laboratory Technician in Jerez de la Frontera. Her passion has always been nursing, so much so that she even shares it on social networks (@ nurse.guerrera), something that has opened many doors for her. A little over a year ago, he was shocked and decided to write for relief. Not only did he get it, but he published the book and is having more success than he thought. The first novel by this author is titled “A thunderous silence.” A sincere and direct story that will make you reflect on how lucky we are in life for everything that surrounds us.

Those who have the pleasure of meeting you and following you on social networks know that you are a laboratory technician and, in the future, a nurse, but… When did your passion for literature begin? How did you get into this world?

I have always loved reading and writing, although I only wrote for myself and very occasionally, but in confinement something horrible happened to me and I decided to write to vent and feel better. I have discovered something that I am passionate about.

Tell us a little about “A Thunderous Silence”, how did the idea of ​​writing this book come about?

As I have told you, something horrible happened to me and I was in a very difficult stage of my life, the most difficult so far. One day my mother told me to write down everything that was happening and thus vent. Luckily I paid attention to him, very nice things are happening to me. He was right, as always.

So, could you briefly summarize, and without “spoilers”, what it is about?

It is a teenage diary. I tell what it is like to live a duel in the middle of a pandemic. I tell it all without cutting a single hair, from the darkest and saddest to when I begin to understand it and to get out of the well. Hopefully my book helps many people.

A book to reflect on or to have fun?

Without a doubt, to reflect. It makes you think about how hard we have lived in 2020. And how to understand and cope with a duel. Although it has very funny moments, of the few that I lived in confinement.

Why did you choose that title?

This virus has caused a lot of noise, however it is invisible and silent, hence “A thunderous silence”.

If the book had been written by someone else and you had to recommend it to someone, what would you say?

What is a very sincere book, is born from the depths of the pain of a person who feels totally lost. It excites you and makes you think about what we have around us and gives you strength to get out of any painful or dark situation in your life. It reads fast and you connect very well with the characters.

Do you share your passion for writing with your passion for nursing?

I think they are different loves, both cause me wonderful sensations. However, nursing has always been my passion and writing is something I discovered just a year and a half ago and right now I can’t imagine not writing. It seems to me something precious.

You are known on social networks as @ Nurse.guerrera, where you have almost 14 thousand followers. How is the day to day in social networks of an “influencer”?

I do not consider myself an “influencer” as such, I only share what I like and comment on that profession with other people. But if I had to add something, it would be that there is a lot of work behind it, more than people can imagine.

Do you think that, in the times in which we live, social networks are necessary to spread and expand knowledge?

Everything that is to spread and expand knowledge that makes us grow as a society seems necessary to me. But there are also people who use them for the opposite. We create a perfect body type or perfect life that can be confusing and cause a lot of damage. You have to be very careful with that.

Finally, who is this book dedicated to?

To my grandfather, he is one of the most good and beautiful people I know. And to me, to remind me that once I did not give up and moved on.

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