Everything ready for the second edition of CREO, the virtual event to promote the reactivation of SMEs and entrepreneurs

The Competitiveness Center of Mexico (CCMX) presented CREO MX Virtual 2020. The objective is to promote strategic alliances between large companies and MSMEs.

November 20, 2020 4 min read

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The Competitiveness Center of Mexico (CCMX), an innovative effort of the Mexican Business Council (CMN) that promotes the development and growth of micro, small and medium-sized companies, launched the CREO MX 2020 virtual meeting.

This year the objective of CREO MX is to promote strategic alliances between large companies and micro, small and medium-sized companies to contribute to economic reactivation and provide support in financing, training, adaptation and accompaniment to new technologies, advice, as well as other benefits, seeking to better cope with the current situation derived from the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic.

And it is that this year has strongly impacted this sector, since a survey carried out by the CCMX in April 2020 revealed that, during this pandemic, 91% of SMEs have suffered a drop in income, 69% are facing liquidity problems, and 47 % have had to lay off workers, hence the importance of the work carried out by this organization with the second edition of CREO MX.

The CREO MX 2020 edition can be followed virtually from November 24 to 26 through the platform, where participants will have free access to: 1) Training and advice on the tools necessary for the reactivation, development and growth of a business; 2) Financing alternatives to promote an SME or enterprise; 3) Obtain the necessary elements to digitize a business; 4) Convert a SME into a supplier for large companies; 5) Network and establish strategic alliances to expand business opportunities.

During the presentation of the initiative carried out by Juan Carlos Ostolaza, general director of the CCMX, he highlighted that the realization of CREO MX Virtual 2020 is key in this context since “a unique space will be generated where Mexican businessmen and entrepreneurs will find new business opportunities for their consolidation and growth, but the interaction between the actors of the country’s business sector will also be facilitated, in an environment of innovation to promote the growth of SMEs, and adequate tools will be made available to achieve the reinvention of your business facing the new reality ”.

In this event where Itzel Villa Salinas, POSSIBLE México coordinator; Juana Ramírez, president of the Board of Directors of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM); and Salvador Villalobos, Executive President of the Communication Council, highlighted the importance of holding an event such as CREO MX since SMEs and entrepreneurs are the engine of our economy, and today more than ever Mexico must work together to support and boost its reactivation.

CREO MX Virtual 2020 is a collaborative effort promoted by CCMX in conjunction with ASEM, Posible México, the Communication Council, Coppel, the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (CONCAMIN), E-Show Mexico, Gentera, Brivé, Apolo 25, Wadhwani Foundation and Startup

Registration for CREO MX Virtual 2020 is open until November 23, and SMEs and entrepreneurs can participate at any stage of development and anywhere in the Mexican Republic.

The full agenda of the event can be consulted on the CREO MX Virtual 2020 site , as well as the CREO MX social networks: Facebook @ CreoMexico.Mx, Instagram @ and Twitter @Creo_Mex