Everything prepared for an atypical draft that arrives in an Olympic July

The latest draft. Today, July 29, the 2021 Draft arrives. The election will take place in the month of July, something that had never happened since the first draft was held in 1947, and also that July is an Olympic July outside the normal Olympic cycle. All very anomalous, an unprecedented world to discover.

The Barclays Center, in New York, will host the election for the eighth time in a ceremony in which 20 players are invited, including the Dominican Chris Duarte. ESPN will rebroadcast the two rounds and ABC will premiere on the first one.

The commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver, will star in his 15th appearance in the draft (7 as deputy commissioner and 8 as commissioner). He will be in charge of announcing the names of the 30 players chosen in the first round. The 30 of the second will be announced by the deputy commissioner, Mart tatum.

It all starts at 8 p.m. EDT, with the Pistons picking No. 1 in the draft for the first time in 51 years (since picking No. 1 to Bob lanier in 1970).

The draft line seems clear in the last decade: in the last 11 editions the first draft has been a player who has only exhausted one course in the NCAA.

Cade cunningham is emerging as the head of this imminent draft, Josh giddey He will be the first selected from the NBA Academy and Oklahoma City Thunder will have no less than 6 elections, 3 from the first round (6th, 16th and 18th places) and another 3 from the second (34th, 36th and 55th).

Two of ours can enter the Top 20 tonight: Spanish Usman Garuba and the Dominican Chris Duarte. This is our latest draft forecast.

As a curiosity, Warriors has the choice number 7, just the number with which the franchise was made with two of its great legends: Chris Mullin was the seventh elected in 1985 and Stephen Curry held the same position in 2009.

Everything is ready for the party tonight. All eyes are already on the Barclays Center.

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