Lion.- Although the outlook remains difficult for Bravos de León, Mauricio Martínez, president of the institution, prefers to send a message of optimism to the fans and think about returning to the diamond soon under controlled conditions.

In an interview for Super Deportivo, Martínez recalled that he has been attentive to the instructions of the Federal Government, as have the 16 president of the Mexican Baseball League.

“We are in a stage where everything is spending, paying out, without having a single income … the truth is that we already wanted to go out on the pitch and that people would see us, but at the end of the day there is no very clear picture of the disease, “he said in a live broadcast on social media.

They tell us that we will reach the highest peak and I really feel that there is no veracity in the data that is being passed on to us by the Federal Government ”.

The situation has forced them to rethink and rethink: “We had Plan A, B, C and all those that follow, but we cannot plan anything, because we already saw it with the Santos Laguna players (in the League MX) that were infected “.

They are news that hit us because they are athletes and they are supposed to be asymptomatic, because they are strong and so on… getting closer to playing is a step that we have not been able to take. ”

However, despite adversity, he agreed not to drop his arms and is determined to support those who have fought: “What matters to us is that once the season returns, this year or next, people can go to the stadium and in that part we have made the announcement so that all the nurses, doctors, who risk their lives fighting this disease (covid) are the ones we have to help ”.

He also explained it will be in solidarity, because Bravos has been characterized by its social actions.

“There will also be people who are unemployed and we will be empathetic to them. We as part of Bravos what we want is to give messages of hope, that soon they can go to the stadium and forget everything that is on the outside ”.

He recalled that the start of the season for Braves has traditionally been tough: “It even seems that there is something with this team, because whenever they announce that we are going to start against Diablos, for some strange reason it cannot start. In 2016, I brought them to a preseason game (before the Braves existed) and we had a hail in the third inning. Then in 2017, the Devils didn’t want to play. You can’t believe it. “

They keep the box

As for the team formed for this season, which should have started in March, Martínez clarified that they keep the roster.

“In the last years, major league players like Felix Pie, Guillermo Moscoso have arrived and the first thing they tell us, in fact the first one they told us was Mitch Lively (in the first season), all agree that León’s hobby is very dedicated, that despite the fact that they give us some tundas of those, people are always there and for them for this season we think about putting together a good team ”.

There are no changes, the manager is Tim Jhonson, we are in constant communication, we are concerned with what may happen to him, but the team is the same. ”

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