Paula Chaves, Samanta Casais and Christophe Krywonis

The second season of Bake Off Argentina it was recorded last year in a stay in Pilar. For programming reasons, the management of Telefe decided to postpone its premiere, which took place this year, in the midst of the mandatory quarantine for the coronavirus. What better occasion to gather the whole family in front of the television to enjoy « the sweetest competition » on television, as it is often called Paula Chaves to the cycle that leads.

But the typical image of the family gathered in front of the small screen is already a thing of the past: now the programs -particularly Bake Off- are lived with a phone in hand, commenting on everything that happens. And for a week now, the vast majority of Twitter posts about the program – which are not few – have been marked by the anger following the alleged fraud that would have benefited Samanta Casais, one of the three finalists in the gastronomic contest.

One of the essential requirements to participate in the program is to be an amateur pastry chef, but photos and videos began to circulate on the networks showing that the young woman I would have previously worked professionally in the field. Even, on one occasion he was on television showing his cakes. In addition, she herself published photos of the arrangements she made in her kitchen: a fact that many took as an indication of the destiny that would have given the 600 thousand pesos of prize that the reality gives.

Last Sunday, during the broadcast of the semifinal – whose outcome was known in advance because a video that spoiled the jury’s decision was published from the Telefe Twitter account – everyone took advantage of the outrage against Samanta on the networks. And this Monday, with the news of the homicide complaint against the young woman for having run over a man in 2017, the scandal was on the rise.

Samanta was denounced for wrongful death (Video: « Informed of everything » – America) (Infobae)

In this situation, Christophe Krywonis, one of the members of the program’s jury, and Paula Chaves expressed their point of view through the networks.

The French chef, who so far had not made reference to the scandal, responded to some comments from Twitter users after the semifinal broadcast. Everything happened after a post on the official account of Bake Off, in which a live chat was announced through the networks with him. « By God nobody wants to see that live, we want them to tell the truth”Indicated a tweeter.

« It seems that no one listened to you … besides, it was fantastic, » the jury assured him. The young woman replied that it was not something personal with him, but that « it would be nice if they said something » about the scandal with Samantha. There yes, the French expanded: “It takes time to examine well how things are. It is impossible for the channel and the production to make such serious decisions from one day to the next. Patience that everything will become clear« 

And then he added: “The program is very good. That is the most important thing, and it’s okay that so many people keep watching it« 

Paula, who had also made no reference to the scandal, took Christophe’s message and limited himself to publishing “everything will become clear”, Next to the emoji of a fist.

Christophe’s message and Paula’s comment (Photo: Twitter) (Pablo Riggio /)

That was not all. In dialogue with the cycle Agarrate Catalina on radio La Once Diez, the model assured that she is somewhat isolated from everything that is said on the networks, since she is totally doomed to her pregnancy. Anyway, he pointed out: « I keep the cute. I’m happy with what happens in Bake off. I like being able to see it as a family, I do not see if it is a success, if it has a rating and so on. I notice that it does well and I think we fell at the right time, because of the quarantine. There was a reason it didn’t come out last year. ”


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