eOne Films has released the official trailer for ‘Black beach‘, Esteban Crespo’s second film as director (‘ Amar ‘) to premiere in theaters in our country on October 2, after passing through the Malaga Festival at the end of this month of August.

Ral Arvalo (‘Riot Control’), Candela Pea (‘Hierro’), Paulina Garca (‘Kill the Father’) and Melina Matthews (‘The Plague’) give life to the characters in this portrait of an African country in which makes clear the gigantic, complex and incomprehensible gear that currently sustains any conflict anywhere in the world …

A world governed by an unscrupulous business elite capable of manipulating international politics, even involving the United Nations. ‘Black beach‘is an action thriller that aims to be a straightforward and gritty tale of redemption.

In the words of the director Esteban Crespo, « entering a field where neither absolute goodness nor total evil exists. It is a story that transports the viewer to a nihilistic world without seemingly meaning, which calls for frustration, hopelessness and desolation. In which the individual can only do one ethical thing: Do his part. « 

The filming of the film, produced by Pris & Batty Films, Nephilim and BlackBeach AIE with the collaboration of RTVE and Netflix, took place over 8 weeks in different locations in Ghana, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Brussels, Toledo and Madrid.

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