Everything Apple has yet to announce after 3 events

This 2020 is a different year for everyone, including Apple itself. Never before has the company had three events almost in a row as we have had at the end of the year. An event in September to introduce new iPads and Apple Watch, a keynote in October where we saw new iPhones and the last event in November with new Macs.

Apple coverApple has a long way to go!

However, despite the fact that interesting surprises such as Apple One or the HomePod mini have arrived, there are still, believe it or not, Apple devices to present.

Many of the following devices were expected by the end of the year, and for now Apple seems to be taking it seriously. They are undoubtedly the next devices on the list, and if they do not arrive now they will do so in early 2021.

What Apple has not yet presented

There are several devices that we waited for this end of the year and that we have not seen yet. I highly doubt that Apple will hold another event this year, but some could be featured via press release.


AirTagsThe supposed design of AirTags

It is a device that was leaked in 2019. In theory AirTags are a small accessory that we could put next to our keys, in our backpack or in other belongings and that would allow us locate them through our iPhone and the Search app.

Apple itself has leaked the official name in one of its support videos, in different versions of iOS we have seen references and all the leakers assure that they will arrive soon. But Weeks go by and we don’t see AirTags anywhere.

AirPods Studio

AirPods Studio iconThe new icon of the AirPods Studio of iOS 14.3

The third member of the AirPods family has been leaked for several monthsAlthough analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo have been talking about these headband headphones for a long time.

Of these AirPods Studio we have seen images and even videos, so we all expected an imminent launch. The icon you see above these lines has been leaked in iOS 14.3, so everything indicates that we’ll see these new AirPods sooner rather than later.

Apple tv

Apple tvApple tv

The Apple TV 4K that is currently sold is from the year 2017 and it includes the A14X Fusion processor, which is already in its infancy. A lot has been rumored about a new model with the A12 Bionic processor, or even the A14 Bionic.

This was expected renewal by the end of the yearIt could even come with a new controller and further enhance the video game side with Apple Arcade, but we are still waiting.

New iMac

Mac conceptIMac concept with Apple Silicon

The iMac hasn’t changed its design for many yearsAnd after the arrival of the M-series processors made by Apple, the possibilities for redesign are great.

The leaks indicated that would renew before summer, then moved to after summer, ended late 2020 and here we are still without a new iMac. Everything indicates that it will not arrive until 2021.

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There is still time for us to see some of these devices this year, although it is more than likely that Apple will not present them until next year. We’ll keep waiting.