Everyone wonders what is the relationship between Miss Universe, Andrea Meza, and Florinda Meza, “Doña Florinda”

Many wonder what Andrea Meza, the new Miss Universe 2021, and Florinda Meza, “Doña Florinda” have in common.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. / Getty Images

Just yesterday the world found out who he is Andrea Meza, the worthy representative of Mexico what managed to win the title of Miss Universe 2021 in the most important beauty pageant in the world. Immediately, the news spread on the internet, as well as comments about the model. Among them, many began to ask on social networks about the relationship between Andrea Meza and Florinda Meza, since they not only have the same last name but also many assure that they are very similar.

Even several followers of the model, as well as the actress, assured that she is the niece of the woman who for years played the role of “Mrs. Florinda” on “El Chavo del Ocho“. But, to the disappointment of many, they have nothing to do with one another. Although, after so many messages that both received on their social networks, it is surely a matter of time before they meet. Both are worthy representatives of the Aztec country.

On the other hand, Andrea, who was born in Chihuahua is the third to win a Miss Universe crown for Mexico. The first was Lupita jones in 1991 and after Ximena Navarrete in 2010. A powerful trio that positions Mexican women among The most beautiful women on the planet.

Last night Andrea captivated the jury not only for her physical beauty but for her intelligence. The 26-year-old answered forcefully a question related to the coronavirus pandemic: “If you were the leader of your country, how would you have faced the COVID-19 pandemic?” Miss Mexico He asserted when questioning: “Something that I would have done would be a quarantine, a confinement, before this grew, because we lost many lives and we cannot face that. I would have taken care of our people. That is why I would have looked after them from the beginning. ” This practically earned him a standing ovation from the attendees at the contest.

Once classified among the 5 semifinalists, she had to face a final challenge of questions related precisely to beauty. The model was successful again: “We live in a society that is increasingly advanced, and just as we have advanced as a society, we have also advanced in stereotypes. Today, beauty does not only lie in how we look. For me beauty lies in our spirit, in our soul and in the values ​​with which we handle ourselves. Never allow anyone to tell you that you are worthless. ” These last words from Andrea made the jury finally decide and name her Miss Universe 2021. Without a doubt, a worthy representative of beauty in these times.

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