‘Everyday Experiments’ is Apple’s Incredible New Video Recorded on iPhone 12

Get inspired or follow the steps to the letter are the two proposals that Apple has published in its new video ‘Everyday Experiments’, recorded with the iPhone 12. The clip is the second publication in the “Shot on Iphone 12” series, released with the launch of the line of devices.

IPhone 12 cameraApple creates tutorials to take advantage of the iPhone 12 camera

On this occasion, those of the bitten apple have changed the focus of the videos of their popular series “Shot on iPhone”, focused on documenting in incredible outdoor environments and have instead proposed encourage creativity within the home.

In this way we can see how to execute audiovisual experiments with everyday objects, the iPhone 12 camera and with authors who guide during the tutorial.

New clips are added to the “Shot on iPhone 12” series

At the place of the clip, two creators direct the creation of various proposals using Slow Motion, Dolby Vision HDR and Time-Lapse with the iPhone 12 camera, to finally highlight video editing in iMovie.

Technology is combined with everyday objects such as water, oil, lights and more that perhaps most can get at home, such as gobos and paint.

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In total, there are three experiments that can be played on the video to test the iPhone 12’s camera functionalities:

Balloons + Slow Motion: He suggests creating fascinating spots of color using party balloons, water, colored paper.

Oil + Water + Macro: The second propose to create scenes of psychedelic liquid formations using a glass bottle, water, food coloring and baby oil.

Light bars + night mode: The last proposal invites you to experiment with the night sky and creative images based on colored lights.

After watching the video Which of the three experiments would you like to recreate?