Every morning … new body. ‘Who is who?’ Trailer

DeAPlaneta presents the Spanish trailer of ‘Who is who?‘, a French family comedy that will be released in theaters in our country on September 3.

Alexandra Lamy, Franck Dubosc, Christiane Millet, Rose de Kervenoael, Mathilde Roehrich and Nils Othenin-Girard star in this “body swapping” comedy in which all characters repeatedly swap their identities.

One morning, the Morels wake up with a big problem. They discover that their minds have been swapped and that each of them is trapped in the body of another family member! Chacha, 6, is in the body of the father, the father in the body of his adolescent son, the son in the body of the older sister, the older sister in the body of the mother, and the mother in the body of Chacha. … Are you lost? They too. And this is just the beginning.

Jean-Patrick Benes (‘Kaboul Kitchen’, ‘Ars’) directs this production whose script he also signs with Allan Mauduit (his co-director and regular co-writer), Martin Douaire and Thibault Valetoux.

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