Despite the fact that E3 will not take place this year, that does not mean that the video game industry will lack presentations, conferences and events dedicated to all the news that we will see in the future. 2020 is especially important, because a new generation of consoles is on the way, and the environment cannot afford to sit still.

To prevent you from getting confused with all the events on the way, here we offer you a list with the great substitutes for E3 2020 that will take place in the coming months.

Games Celebration – June 6

Several conferences are grouped under this name that will start on June 6.

Guerrilla Collective It is an event that replaces the Kinda Funny conferences and that It will bring together numerous indie developers and publishers, such as Larian and ZA / UM, under one banner.. The series of presentations will begin at 12:00 pm (Mexico City time). Learn more here.

Then touch Paradox insider, in which we will learn new information from the publisher behind strategy games like Crusader Kings or Cities Skylines, which is currently working on Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2. Be prepared, because everything will start at 1:30 pm (Mexico City time).

2020 could not be complete without it PC Gaming Show. In this edition we will see the news that will arrive on our computers in the coming months. The PC Master Race must tune in to this event at 2:00 pm (Mexico City time). Learn more here.

The last to join the party is Future Games Show, an event organized by the GamesRadar media in which we will see some of the titles that will be released in the future. All of this will begin at 4:30 pm (Mexico City time). Learn more here.

Guerrilla Collective Day 2 – June 7.

Sunday June 7 is a little calmer. The only presentation scheduled so far is the second day of Guerrilla Collective, where we will have information on upcoming studio projects like 11 bit studios, Humble Publishing, Ysbryd Games and many more. This event will start at 12:00 pm (Mexico City time).

IGN Summer of Gaming – IGN Expo Day 1 – June 8

The American media IGN will kick off with Summer of Gaming on June 8, and in this event we will see news from Funcom, The Outsiders, and a third title to be confirmed. We can also expect a new trailer for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Observer: System Redux and Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. It is important to mention that originally this event was going to take place on June 5, but due to the social and political situation in the United States, IGN Expo has been delayed. At the moment it is unknown what the schedule of the scheduled events will be.

Similarly, the third and last day of Guerrilla Collective will have a couple of surprises for us. Similar to the last two days, the event will start at 12:00 pm (Mexico City time).


Limited Run Games – # LRG3 – June 8

Limited Run Games is not only known for publishing physical games. Last year they held a digital presentation at E3, and this year they plan to do the same. This time don’t expect the most shocking revelations of the summer, but this presentation is something collectors should not miss. # LRG3 will start at 1:00 pm (Mexico City time).

The Escapist Indie Showcase – June 11

The digital medium The Escapist has joined GOG to make a presentation of about two hours of duration in which various indie games in development will be shown. But this is not all, from July 12 to 14 The Escapist will be in charge of giving great coverage to the games shown in this presentation.

Electronic Arts – EA Play Live – June 11

Your appointments with June 11 are not over yet, as EA Play Live will be the great event of this day. Electronic Arts has 14 titles prepared for this fiscal yearSo we’re looking forward to seeing something about the annual franchise installments, Respawn’s foray into VR with Medal of Honor, and perhaps the rumored Mass Effect HD Trilogy. This presentation will begin at 6:00 pm (Mexico City time). Learn more here.

Summer Game Fest – Developer Showcase with Day of the Devs – June 22

Geoff Kighley makes an appearance again in the summer, and he will not do it alone, since Summer Game Fest has teamed up with Day of the Devs, an annual Double Fine event and iam8bit, to present us some news that the indie world has prepared for us. This event will feature more revelations throughout June and July. Learn more here.


New Game + Expo (NGPX) – June 23

A piece of TGS reaches our territory. New Game + Expo introduces us to 14 publishers from Japan and North America, who plan to reveal some surprises throughout a seven-hour broadcast. Learn more here.


Ubisoft – Ubisoft Forward – July 12

The French company has made it clear that they are already working on games for the next generation. In addition to Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion and the current Rainbow Six Siege are also known to be on their way to PS5 and Xbox Series X, so expect an emphasis on these consoles during the presentation. This event will start at 2:00 pm (Mexico City time). Learn more here.

Undated or rumored video game events

Now, this does not mean the end of the events planned for this season. Summer Game Fest will run until August 27, the day that the digital edition of Gamescom 2020 begins and the Opening Night Live takes place. Similarly, the Sony event dedicated to reveal games for the PlayStation 5, was originally going to take place next Thursday, June 4, but due to the current problems in the United States, the presentation was indefinitely postponed, but rest assured that it will take place.

As for Xbox, the company mentioned that every month throughout 2020 we will have a new Inside Xbox. At the moment, we only know that in July they have a presentation dedicated to the first party games for Xbox Series X planned, among which Halo: Infinite stands out. It is currently unknown when the Inside Xbox will take place in June.

On the other hand, Nintendo has been silent for the past few weeks. Rumors suggest that the Japanese company has no plans for a Direct in the coming months, but this does not mean that they do not have projects in the door As Paper Mario: The Origami King demonstrated, the announcements will be surprise and likely only limited to one trailer.

Similarly, Devolver Digital has mentioned that they are already working on one of their irreverent digital conferences for this year, although at the moment it is unknown when this will take place.

UPDATE (06/02/2020): Today CD Projekt Red revealed that, due to the current situation in the United States, the presentation of Night City Wire, which was scheduled for June 11, is postponed until June 25. At the moment it remains a mystery what type of content we will see at the event. Learn more here.

UPDATE (06/02/2020): Similar to what happened with Sony and CD Projekt Red, IGN has decided to delay the opening of IGN Summer of Gaming from June 5 to June 8. At the moment it is unknown when and how the other five days of planned presentations will take place.

This is what is confirmed so far, but we do not doubt that throughout June and July, more and more companies will join the Summer Game Fest or do your own presentation. We will keep you informed.