“Even Mourinho is tired of Gareth Bale”


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Daniel Guillen

The former Tottenham player, Jamie O’Hara, criticized Gareth Bale for his poor performance this season in José Mourinho’s team for talkSport: “I think everyone is tired of the Gareth Bale saga. Even Mourinho has had enough. The fans, the players, the press … Everyone”.

The Briton, who was in the London team in several stages, was very reluctant to the figure of the Welsh winger: “He arrived and it looked like the return of the Messiah, but he was away for three months!” “Then he comes out saying that he just wants to be fit for the European Championship and that is why he has come to Tottenham. Mourinho is tired. This situation has to end.”, he sentenced.

The ex of the Real Madrid has been leaving and entering the plans of the technician during all the season. Between the end of February and the beginning of March he established himself in the starting team with good performances, but once again he is ostracized: “He played some reasonable games, and then he disappeared in the two biggest games of the season: the derby with Arsenal and the game in Zagreb, where he was lousy.”.

The look on the Eurocup and Real Madrid

The Welsh attacker has reiterated on several occasions that his loan to Tottenham has a double objective: play the European Championship in the best possible conditions and return to Real Madrid next season, where he has a one year contract left. The season of the current Tottenham player, however, is not being the expected one. He has participated in 26 meetings this year, but it has only started eight times.

The extreme has scored a total of 10 goals and has distributed three assists, but his determination in the game and in the team has been limited to specific moments, something that Mourinho does not seem to like, who He has only given him two minutes in the last two days of the Premier League.