Even in a museum? Prince Harry and Meghan, far from royalty

Even in a museum? Prince Harry and Meghan, far from royalty | Instagram

According to the latest reports, the famous wax figures of Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan markle, which until today were exhibited together with those of the British Family, in “Madame tussaud“They have been withdrawn, it was reported.

Apparently not just for the British family the fact that the prince harry and Meghan Markle are no longer part of this institution, and it has been a new decision made by the museum, to remove the wax figures from the same place where those of Queen Elizabeth and other descendants are exhibited.

Surely, this would be news that could sadden the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, who a month ago returned with the spirits on the ground due to the supposed cold welcome of his family when he arrived in London for the services of his grandfather, Duke Philippe of Edinburgh. , as it transpired.

Now, the rift with the “Duke and Duchess of Sussex” will become more apparent after wax figures of “former senior British royals” were removed from the “British Family” from one of the most famous wax museums. .

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It is worth mentioning that for reasons of the pandemic, the venue was closed to the public, however, now, the two figures who stood next to Queen Elizabeth II were temporarily removed.

What was also unknown is whether both replicas would be completely removed from the room where the statues of royalty are exposed or if they could be placed again next to those of the duke’s older brother, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton.

However, the final decision that the museum has made is that the couple now appear alongside those of David and Victoria Beckham, completely separating them from the British Family, just a reference to what their lives are today.

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It should be mentioned, this would not be a recent decision since it would be the directors of the museum itself who would make the decision in 2020 to remove the couple from the British monarchy, however, the enclosure would not have opened its doors until this month of May. it will again open to the public.

The reason for this new decision would be preceded by the resignation of the youngest son of the remembered Princess Diana of Wales and her spouse and mother of her first-born, Archie, who procreated with Meghan Markle, in addition to the second baby of both that already comes in road.

The decision would be made by 8 experts from the illustrious enclosure, who say they would have deliberated after a meeting, which was the most suitable place to place the new statues of the Dukes of Sussex.

The new fate of the Meghan and Harry figures has already been decided. And its location is far removed from the British Royal Family. At the other end, let’s go. Meghan and Harry go from being with the royals to being with the famous.

Now Prince Harry, one of the two sons of the future “King of England”, Prince Charles of Wales, will go with his wife Meghan Markle from being with the royals to being among famous celebrities.

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Although the current life of the man born under the name of Henry Charles Albert David, (Prince Harry) and the “American” is known, who since their resignation as “royals” have all become “influencers” in the United States, a country where currently reside.

It is now that “attending” to their new reality, the experts would make the decision to change the characters of place, now they would be located in the room called “Awards Party” where now, Enrique de Sussex, and the “former Suits actress” They will also have the company of the figures of actor George Clooney and Amal.

The Madamme Tussaud Museum maintains its international prestige not only for the quality of its figures, but also for the great attention it pays to the real and current life of its characters and thus represent them in a more coherent context.

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Likewise, it is distinguished by housing one of the largest collections of celebrity figures, although its main headquarters is located in London, it also includes other venues in various cities around the world.

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