Even if he doesn’t want to, Trump will lose presidential Twitter account

Twitter announced that it will grant Joe Biden and his team the official accounts of the US Presidency such as @POTUS, @whitehouse, @VP, @FLOTUS and others in coordination with the National Archives and the Records Administration.

This will take place on January 20, which is the date of the inauguration, even if Donald Trump does not agree.

In January 2021 the official accounts will be transferred to the new president. Photo: Reforma

For his part, a spokesman in a statement mentioned to The Hill newspaper that Twitter is constantly organizing and preparing its support to make the transition of the White House institutional accounts that will take place on January 20 of next year.

In this way, it will deliver the various accounts linked to the official information of the presidency, and the company also hopes to meet with Biden’s team to discuss the use of the accounts.

As for the @POTUS account (President Of The United States, President of the United States) it has more than 32 million followers. The information published in the Trump Administration will be protected by archiving it and the page will be left without any message.

Trump has used his personal account @realDonaldTrump more frequently than the official one, there he has dedicated himself to exposing accusations of fraud related to the presidential elections that were held on November 3, which have been classified as a dispute or disinformation by Twitter.

Therefore, at the time that Trump ceases to be president, he will no longer be able to continue maintaining the privileges that the Twitter company grants to the presidents of each country, it may also have consequences for the types of messages that he has regularly published.

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