Even Bertín Osborne hallucinates with what Ayuso did when Iglesias congratulated him on his birthday

Bertín Osborne interviews Isabel Díaz Ayuso. (Photo: TELECINCO)

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has been the guest of the new season of Mi casa es la tuya, Bertín Osborne’s talk show on Telecinco.

The president of the Community of Madrid has reviewed her life: from her time at school to her years at the Complutense University, where she coincided with the former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias.

Speaking of everything a little, Ayuso has said that he was born on October 17, 1978: the same day and the same year as the former leader of United We Can, a coincidence that has surprised Bertín Osborne.

“I can not believe it,” said the presenter. “I came to correct it. On the same day and the same year ”, Ayuso said humorously. “Same year on the same day? I can’t believe it, ”Osborne replied.

“Yes Yes. There we are. So that later they see that you can believe it or not about the horoscope because I swear we don’t have much to do with it ”, Ayuso added.

Bertín wanted to know if they had ever exchanged congratulatory messages. “He to me and I went from congratulating him,” Ayuso said bluntly, an assertion that has surprised the presenter himself.

“Yes? No, man, ”said Osborne. “Hale, with God,” added the president. “No man no, but next time congratulate him,” said the presenter while Ayuso shook his head.


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