“Even a blind man sees that Haaland is very good”


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The Manchester City receives the Borussia Dortmund from Erling haaland this Tuesday. In full speculation about the future of the Norwegian forward, the ‘sky blue’ have in their voracity and the offensive talent of the Germans their next stumbling block in the Champions League.

Pep Guardiola He spoke before the crash, at a press conference. The name of Haaland was the great protagonist, and although the Catalan recognized that “Even a blind man sees that Haaland is very good & rdquor ;, He did not want to speculate much about his situation: “I understand the questions about Haaland, but I prefer not to talk more about the account.

Guardiola acknowledged that last year’s elimination against Lyon hurt them a lot, affirmed that this City is already among the greats of Europe and warned of the dangers of Borussia Dortmund. These were his most prominent phrases at a press conference.

About Haaland

“If Haaland will cost more than 100 million? No idea. It’s a question for the BVB or its agents, I don’t know & rdquor;

“I understand that they ask me these days about Haaland, he is an exceptional striker, but you will also understand that he is not going to answer much about his signing or his situation & rdquor;

“All I can say about Haaland is that he is an exceptional striker. With his age and his numbers, he is spectacular. That’s it & rdquor;

“At that age, scoring that amount of goals has not been seen much in history. A blind man could see that Haaland is a good forward & rdquor;

Defeat against Lyon

“Of course the defeat against Lyon was in my head. It was the last game of the year, in summer I thought about him a lot and it was painful, of course. But in the end what can we do? Get up again, prepare for the next season and try again. But evidently last year’s one hurt. Perhaps more for being the end of the year & rdquor;

Is City a big one in Europe?

“We are already a big club. But obviously all of us here want to improve, and achieve what we have not yet achieved. Just wanting him a lot, however, won’t make us win games & rdquor;

City transfers

“Spending a lot of money on a footballer doesn’t give you an advantage to win all the titles. This is a team sport.

“Until today the club has decided not to spend more than 100 million on a footballer. Perhaps in the future they will do so, because they believe that it is the club’s best interest, but so far it has been decided that way & rdquor;

About Gündogan

“Gündogan deserves the role of leader in the team because of what he does on the field. It is his way of expressing himself and showing his talent. I am delighted with the recognition he has now, because good people deserve good things. I know how Gündo behaved when he went through times when he didn’t play as much. I do not forget it. He’s a guy who prioritizes the good of the team over everything & rdquor;

About Dortmund

“I prepare this game against Borussia Dortmund in the same way that I prepared, I don’t know, the FA Cup game against Everton, or all the previous ones. We will try to instill some specific concepts in the players, and from here we will go to win the game. Not to score so many goals, or not to fit. We will go to win the game. And in Dortmund we will do the same. Go to win & rdquor;

“This season they have had a harder time being regular, but their individual quality is undeniable. We can speak of many names: Hummels, Can, Dahoud, Haaland, Sancho, Hazard, Reus, Brandt & mldr; When I analyze a team I never look at the classification. It’s a soccer game, it’s two teams, it’s what happens in those 90 minutes & rdquor;