Evander Holyfield’s return to the ring will be six rounds

As the days go by, and since the day and scene of the return of Evander Holyfield, more details are being known about the return of the former heavyweight world champion (58 years old), who we remember has not entered the ring since he did on May 7 before Brien nielsen, in the capital of Denmark, which he beat by technical KO.

Since then, ‘The Real Deal’ (44-10-2) had previously flirted with a possible comeback, especially after the possibility of a third fight between Mike tyson and he, after the two ‘battles’ that they both starred in in the nineties and that had that end as famous and controversial as that of Tyson’s ear bite to Holyfield. But Mike turned down a succulent offer to face each other again. Evander, although he did return in November 2020 to measure himself at Roy jones jr at a historic boxing display.

The former heavyweight champion will return on Saturday, June 5 in Florida, in an event promoted by Thriller, the same promoter that promoted the return of Tyson, in a fight agreed to six rounds. And he will do it before the Irish Kevin McBride (35-10-1), although residing in the United States.

‘The Clones Colossus’, 47, has not fought since July 29, 2011, having lost his last three fights and again the name of Mike tyson, whom he beat by knockout in 2005.