Evan Mobley, this is how Ricky Rubio’s new partner plays

The Cleveland Cavaliers have once again had a high pick (number 3) and this time they have used it to get the services of Evan mobley, who comes from playing the 2020-2021 season in the college league with USC. Such a high pick in the NBA draft means the team is making a big bet on the promising youngster, and Mobley is going to have to prove that he is one of the best three players of his generation.

We are talking about a 19-year-old and 2.13 meters tall, with excellent coordination and speed who has the potential to become an All-Star with the passing of the seasons. In Cleveland they need draft players to start exploding to form a future squad that will allow them to be competitive again like in the time of LeBron James and Evan’s role in this is going to be quite the protagonist.

How does Ricky Rubio’s new partner play?

He is a player with great potential on both sides of the court. It is true that when it comes to attacking he is much more polished, but he also has a great projection in defense although he has things to correct. Despite having defensive errors that he will solve over time, he is a great rim defender who has averaged almost 3 blocks per game as a college student.

He is very agile and can defend on the outside, so it is normal that covering the defense throughout the court has defects being so young. If he manages to develop fully, he can be an elite defender as well as a fairly reliable scorer.

The raw material, being so complete on both sides of the track, makes it a potential star, but it will need to address its shortcomings well and enhance its virtues to achieve it. The Cavs have great talent that if they manage to get on the right track could be the face of the franchise in the future.

If Mobley is to be compared to anyone it would be Christian Wood, but with much better defensive capabilities. Another name could be Mitchell Robinson but being better in attack. He is quite a peculiar player and he can have a lot of history in the NBA during his career.

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