Evaluna’s reaction to seeing that Camilo forgot about her in an extremely important moment

Evaluna witnessed the right moment when Camilo forgot about her and had a surprising reaction in front of millions.

Camilo He celebrated having won 5 awards and had no better idea than to do so by highlighting how important his fans are to him… But he forgot Eva Luna!

« You are my engine, » said Camilo, dedicating the awards to his millions of followers who are in charge of listening to his music and constantly adding reproductions to it. Although many appreciated that gesture, the truth is that they did not overlook the fact that he forgot to mention his wife.

Attentive to everything that was being discussed. Evaluna was soon present on her Instagram account, There, she surprised with different publications, but none was dedicated to Camilo. In fact, she did not even publicly congratulate him on the 5 awards that are on everyone’s lips … Was that her way of making it clear that she is quite upset?

Either way, there is no doubt that Camilo and Evaluna accompany each other in the most important moments of their lives. Many of his followers always wonder what the basis of the success of their marriage is and they always answer the same thing: understand each other, accept each other and let go of everything they do not like about the other, because after all things are always stronger. that unite them, than those that could generate clashes and fights.

There is no doubt that for Camilo and Evaluna the most important treasure for them is the family, the one that they themselves began to form the day they met and decided that they would fight for all those good feelings that they have in their hearts and that, day after day, they continue to be enhanced with just a glance.

Another of the most fundamental pillars of their relationship is the trust and complicity that they have and that sometimes makes them forget that there are millions of people reading their juicy statements. The same thing happened this time… And no Montaner can get out of his astonishment at it!

For this same reason, the fact that Camilo wanted to give priority to his fans is nothing more than a nice gesture on his part, by way of thanks for the unconditional support they give him.