“My biggest dream is to be a mother”: Evaluna revealed about her desire to start a family with her husband Camilo.

After their beautiful wedding in Miami, Evaluna Montaner and Camilo have been the protagonists of several rumors that assure that the star is already pregnant; however, so far that has not happened.

The Club 57 star has denied the pregnancy rumors on several occasions, but recently spoke about her wishes to be a mother.

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The star’s plans to start a family with her husband

Despite the fact that the actress and singer is not pregnant yet, during an interview she confessed that her greatest desire is to become a mother; however, you will have to wait a little longer for that to happen.

« What is the biggest dream that Evaluna has at the moment, and what is she doing to make it come true? »: Was the question to which she answered:

« Right now I’m not doing much to make it come true, because my biggest dream is to be a mom, but I still can’t because I’m still working on things, so I have to wait a bit, but my biggest dream is to be a mom. »

Upon hearing this response, her husband Camilo simply told her: « Give me a baby, a baby with a mustache. »

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It seems that it is the professional projects that stop the star in her plans to become a mother, but we hope that very soon they will surprise fans with a pregnancy.

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