Eva Daniela debuts as a villain in soap operas – El Sol de México

The first actress Diana Bracho, is the godmother of the young actress Eva Daniela at the launch of her first telenovela for Televisa, What is happening to my family ?, when she joined as chef Lorena Pineda.

With suitcases ready to be unpacked in Guanajuato where she was born and will record her scenes, Eva describes her acting challenge in which she will share credits with Emilio Osorio, Lalo Rueda, Danka, Sol Morales, Mauricio Abad and Alan Barba del Olmo.

“After having an academic preparation as a chef in Spain, Lorena returns to Guanajuato determined to revolutionize Mexican dishes with new European ideas in relation to gastronomy.

“All these changes will turn the protagonists on their heads, who are already separated, now I will change their existence more, to rewrite their love story completely. And in reciprocity, they will also transform me both internally and externally ”, declares Eva to The Sun of Mexico.

She also says that she feels lucky to be a part of the youth cast in this villain role. “It is a novel that carries many messages such as love for the mother, love for siblings and the rest of the family, because the message is one of solidarity, brotherhood, union in good times and in bad times; and each message reaches the audience in a different way ”.

Eva Daniela as chef Lorena, will be Lisset Morelos’s ally (Ofelia de Olmo).

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“Getting to the story with advanced chapters represents a challenge for me, the greatest so far in my career, it leads me to be well prepared to be at the level of the rest of the characters. It is a huge challenge as an actress. Lorena, will seek to make life impossible for Danka, (Sol), because Mauricio, (Alan); he is in love with her and that annoys Ofelia (Lisset).

And, very enthusiastically, she affirms: “My inspiration in acting is my admired Veracruz native Salma Hayek, the first actress Diana Bracho, who I see as an empowered woman and what better way than to be my launch godmother in this telenovela, in addition to Julia Roberts and Emma Watson, you are my teachers to follow ”.

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