Euskaltel will bring fiber optics to all its cable customers in less than three years

Until the arrival of fiber optics, having broadband in Spain was synonymous with cable networks, hence the nickname ‘cable companies’ that many operators earned for years. Euskaltel was one of these cable companies and it seems that the Basque operator prepares to leave her past behind and go entirely to the Internet through light.

Euskaltel still has a significant percentage of its customers connected through cable networks and the operator plans a series of investments to convert such a cable network into a fiber optic network before the end of 2023. We have investments worth around 360 million euros over three years, and a subsidiary would be created to carry out this plan.

The farewell to Euskaltel cable will be in 2023

Apparently, Euskaltel already has a plan on the table to delete the cable from its customer catalog, and for this it will enable a series of investments between now and 2023. We are talking about 313 million euros invested between 2021 and 2022, and a final game of 51 million euros for 2023.

364 million euros, except for unforeseen events, which will be handled by FiberCo, a new subsidiary of Euskaltel that will be in charge of carrying out this transition. During this process, Euskaltel will bring fiber optics to all points of its network, thus erasing the cable networks of both Telecable and R, the last cable companies that he acquired for his company.

All old Telecable and R clients will have fiber before 2024

The fiber used by Euskaltel will be of GPON architecture, matching the rest of its competition. The fiber optic that will replace the cable will not only cover the connections of your customers at home or in companies, but also will serve to replace the cable connections that link your internal network.

With this transformation, 2.4 million households in the Basque Country, Asturias and Galicia originally connected to Telecable and R cable will now have fiber optics. As we say, the plan is underway and should conclude with the last cable disconnection in 2023.

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Euskaltel will bring fiber optics to all its cable customers in less than three years