It is not entirely surprising that A successful artist in the world of entertainment decides at a certain point in his career to expand the horizons of his professional career. The cases of singers who have tried their acting streak on the big or small screen, for example, are countless. However, What is rather more particular is that a music star decides to get into the front line of politics.

And the Austrian singer Cesar Sampson belongs to this anomalous group. The 36-year-old interpreter, well known in his country, transcended borders after his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, where he represented his country with the song ‘Nobody but You’. Theme, by the way, with which he managed to get on the podium, finally finishing third (the victory in that edition ended up being for Israel and the artist Netta). Sampson, in addition, had already gone through the contest two years before, when he was part of the dance corps and the chorus girls of the Bulgarian show.

And now it has become known that the multifaceted artist, who specializes in electronic music, He has decided to play other professional clubs and has gotten deeply into politics. And his claims in this field are very serious: as reported by the wiwibloggs portal, Sampson is the fourth candidate of the green party Die Grünen for the upcoming elections for the Vienna City Council.

The singer, who has more than 31,000 followers on social networks, defines himself as someone interested in issues such as “climate protection, transport, energy and housing, in conscious cooperation on diversity”. Among his personal passions, as indicated in his Instagram profile, are nature and soccer.

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On the other hand, it must be remembered that Sampson also has a good handful of Spanish fans, since he had a special appearance at the Operation Gala 2018 Christmas gala, during which he performed live, along with the winner of the edition, Famous Oberogo, the song that a few months later would earn him third place in Eurovision. It remains to be seen if his career in politics ultimately brings him as much success as he has in the music industry.