‘Eurovision Diaries’: We analyze the songs of Israel, France, Lithuania and Ukraine for Eurovision 2021

Except for the French representative, the rest repeat as representatives in 2021 after the event was not held in 2020.

Dani Valero / Héctor Alabadí February 18, 2021 (23 minutes ago)

A few days after knowing the song that Blas Cantó will perform at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, We already know some of the proposals against which our representative will compete. Some of the countries that already have their chosen artist and subject are Israel, Lithuania, Ukraine, and France. Except for the latter, the rest of the countries repiten with those who would have attended the contest in 2020 having been held.

The Israeli singer of Ethiopian origin Eden Alene represents Israel with the song « Set me free », a song with catchy and Eurovision rhythms which beat the other two candidates, « La La Love » and « Ue La La » in a preselection gala held in their country. The artist already won the Israeli preselection in 2020 with the song « Feker Libi ». France, for its part, has a new representative with Barbara Previ and her emotional and intimate « Voilà ». The artist, who composed the song for Valentina, winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020, prevailed over her competition at the ‘Eurovision France: C’est Vous Qui Décidez!’

Lithuania celebrated the final of its preselection ‘Pabandom Iš Naujo!’ February 8. In it, the group The Roop won again for the second year in a row, this time with the catchy electronic track « Discoteque ». The band already won the previous year and, this time, broke the audience vote record. Ukraine, for its part, also repeats with the group Go_A (re-elected internally), this time with the song « Shum », an ethnic theme that mixes folk and techno rhythms to create a curious combination.