‘Eurovision Diaries’: The best and worst of ‘Destino Eurovisión’ and the final song by Blas Cantó

We have lived that long-awaited (and feared) moment of the year: on the night of February 20, Spain chose the song that will represent us at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Blas Cantó will interpret « I’m going to stay », which according to the polls, was the favorite choice of most Eurofans. The decision was made at the ‘Destination Eurovision’ gala, a program that was not without criticism.

The gala began with a Eurovision medley interpreted by Cantó to later go on to the performances of the two candidate songs, « I’m going to stay » and « Memory ». In about ten minutes of the program, our representative had already interpreted his two proposals, which would lead to a succession of interviews, videos and duets of our representative together with guests such as Pastora Soler or Edurne.

The controversies would begin shortly after the gala began, with the already traditional sound failures of TVE’s music formats. Our representative would be successful in performances in which he would not listen to himself. The target of criticism was also the rhythm of a gala that, despite presenting only two songs, lasted 40 minutes more than stipulated. Have we Eurofans made a good decision with Cantó’s song? How could this selection gala have been improved? We analyze these issues and others in ‘Eurovision Diaries’.