The Formula e It is one of the youngest motorsport competitions in the world. Started by the International Automobile Federation in 2014, it was thought of as a way to promote the use of electric powered cars. It is a single-seater whose body is designed by Dallara and provided by Renault, by name Spark SRT05E. The motor of the unit can be provided by different manufacturers, who in turn are the ones that assemble the teams that compete for the classification points.

One of these teams, ABT Sportsline, is what could be called a family initiative. Founded in 1991 by Johann abt (son in turn of the creator of the Auto-Abt company in 1896), since his death in 2003 those who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the team are his children Hans-Jürgen and Christian, which have developed the company to go from modifying cars for third parties to manufacturing their own competition vehicles. In 2014, they were one of the first teams to sign up for Formula E.

The ABT car engine was first built in association with the German consortium Schaeffler Group and since 2017 it is provided in partnership with the reputed factory Audi. Meanwhile, the pilot is another member of the family: Hans-Jürgen’s son, Daniel, he climbed from 2014 to the car manufactured by his lineage. It should be noted that there are two ABT vehicles that compete in Formula E: the other is driven by the Brazilian Lucas Di Grassi, who has also been with the team since the start of the competition.

But now, the career of Daniel Abt (27) in Formula E seems to have been ended by an unusual error. Last Saturday, Abt surprised everyone by arriving third in the virtual competition Home Challenge Series, in which he had not scored points up to there. But it did not go unnoticed that while the rest of the competitors had their live camera during the event, Daniel’s was turned off. So the deception was discovered: the esports professional Lorenz Horsing (18) competed on his behalf.

Audi decided to fine him with 10 thousand euros for “violation of integrity and transparency rules,” according to a statement. But then, according to the pilot himself, he advanced in unlink him from the team. This was admitted by Daniel in a video uploaded to his YouTube account in which he made an apology. “Today Audi informed me that we will not continue working together in Formula E. It is a pain that I have never felt in my life,” he said. “I made a serious mistake and I must live with the consequences: it is my responsibility.”