The music of the Champions League was no exception and now everything is on ‘stand by’. No one knows when or when it will sound again this season. The only thing we know for sure is that Liverpool, RB Leipzig, PSG and Atalanta earned the right over green to believe they were the quarterfinal teams of one of the strangest Champions in recent years. Some of the return duels have already been stained by the coronavirus pandemic (see Atalanta’s visit to Valencia with a Mestalla without an audience).

03/31/2020 at 08:44


Albert Gracia

Thus, at this point in the season we would already be at the gates of the quarterfinals, but the truth is that we still do not know who would be part of that group. Naples and Barcelona would still have to play the return match after the first leg (1-1). Bayern would already have the pass in their hands after the exhibition at Bridge (0-3) but the match would remain in the Allianz. Same situation for Manchester City in Etihad after 1-2 at the Bernabéu. Lyon, who gave the surprise at home and started with an advantage against Cristiano’s Juventus (1-0) must also wait.

We all have to wait at least a few more weeks until it is decided what to do with football, which is the most important of the least important for some. So what we know so far is that we know nothing.

Next week the first legs of the quarter-finals would already be played and now we would begin to talk about rotations thinking about the Champions League duel, of teams that let themselves go to get to that key tie, of press conferences where it matters more the duel on Tuesday or Wednesday than the weekend … Well no. We are still waiting for the damn coronavirus to let us enjoy the Champions League again. Hopefully soon. Coming Soon. It would be a good sign.

Similar situation in the Europa League

Something more than similar happens in the second continental club competition. But in this case, some of the knockout stages did not even end. In fact, some like those of Getafe-Inter or Rome-Seville did not even play the first leg due to the outbreak of the crisis in Spain and Italy.

Thus, this week they would already be playing the quarters, a ticket that Manchester United would have virtually certain after 0-5 in the first leg against LASK Linz, Basel after 0-3 against Eintracht and Leverkusen after winning in the first match against Rangers at home (1-3). As in the Champions League, the Europa League also awaits the top eight for the quarter-finals.