Paris France.

Europe accelerated this Friday his lack of confidence as the coronavirus pandemic continues to progress in America, with more than 1,000 deaths in 24 hours in the United States and Brazil, and in Asia, concern about an outbreak increases.

In five months from when the coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, China in December until the end of May, the disease killed some 360,000 people and infected more than 5.8 million, according to official figures, probably much lower than reality.

In France, the carmaker Renault announced the cut of some 15,000 jobs worldwide, 4,600 of them in France. He also indicated that he will “adapt” his capabilities in Russia and suspend their projects in Morocco and Romania.

Its Japanese partner Nissan already announced on Thursday that it will close its plant in Barcelona (Spain) and will cut 20% of its capacities until 2023.

For its part, the GDP of Italy and France both fell 5.3% in the first quarter as a result of the pandemic, according to data released on Friday. Europe, severely affected with 175,760 deaths in total for two million cases, continues its lack of confidence after the slowdown in the spread of the virus.

The external borders of the European Union remain closed and the internal borders will gradually reopen. In this globalized world, the closing of borders has meant a setback in personal relationships.

“It is really hard not to be able to physically feel any intimacy, or just to kiss and hug,” Melinda Schneider, a 26-year-old Canadian, who has been unable to meet with her Danish partner for more than four months, told ..

Football returns

In an attempt to regain normality, Austria it reopens its hotels and tourist infrastructure and Turkey partially reopens its mosques.

In the UK, schools and shops will be able to open from Monday. In France, museums, parks and cafes will open on Tuesday (in the case of Paris, you can only eat on the terraces) and you can travel more than 100 kilometers from home.

Soccer also returns. Germany he resumed the championship in mid-May and Spain, England and Italy announced Thursday that they will do the same. For the Premier League, the most followed in the world, it will be necessary to wait until June 17, after the Spanish League (week of June 8) and just before Italy (June 20).

Concern in Brazil

In the American continent, the new coronavirus continues to rage, with more than 1,000 deaths in 24 hours in the United States and Brazil. The United States, the most affected in the world with more than 1.7 million cases, recorded less than 700 deaths a day for three days but the curve rose again on Wednesday and Thursday, with 1,401 and 1,297 deaths respectively.

The country surpassed the symbolic figure of 100,000 deaths and, on Thursday, US President Donald Trump offered condolences to the families of victims of the virus.

In Pennsylvania, the silence of a Republican MP on pollution sparked the fury of Democrats. Unlike New York, the most affected city in the world, Washington was relatively spared from the coronavirus and the capital of the United States began lifting the restrictions on Friday.

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Brazil recorded its third worst day since the start of the pandemic, with 1,156 deaths, with a total of 26,754. It also recorded the daily record of contamination (26,417), for a total that almost reaches 440,000. In a country where tests are lacking, the actual numbers could be 15 times more important, according to scientists.

The health crisis is sometimes accompanied by a food crisis, as in the northeast of the country. “In 26 years, I have never seen so many people living distressed or hungry,” said Alcione Albanesi, founder of the Amigos do Bem charity. “Everything has stopped. But the hunger continues.”

Countries such as Chile and Peru recorded new national records on Thursday night, in the first case in the number of deaths (49) and the second in contamination (5,874).

Some countries have a better situation, such as Bolivia (about 300 deaths and 5,400 cases), to the point that on Thursday they announced the lifting of part of the restrictions starting Monday.

New restrictions in South Korea

The situation in Asia, which was the first continent affected and seemed to have left the virus behind, worries about the appearance of new outbreaks.

South Korea, a country hitherto seen as an example of disease control, restored the restrictions after regaining normality. In February, it was the second most affected country in the world, behind China.

After the cases skyrocketed on Thursday, parks and museums will be closed for two weeks and the number of students in the Seoul metropolitan area will drop. The new cases fell on Friday, to 58 from 79 the day before, the biggest increase for almost two months.

For its part, Sri Lanka will reactivate the containment measures, after having registered its largest daily increase, the majority of Sri Lankans coming from Kuwait and seafarers from a base near Colombo.