Eurocup: Thomas Müller knows that Mbappé and France are the favorites

The German striker, Thomas muller, confessed that the Germany selection He is in good shape heading into his Eurocup debut, so he believes the title is a possibility for the Teutons.

“I sincerely believe in it. However, right now what worries me the most is the road,” he said in an interview published today by the newspaper “Sport Bild”.

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“The opening game is now the most important of all. At present, we clearly see ourselves in a position that we can do more than what many attribute to us,” he added.

“I see the French as favorites on June 15. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to win,” he warned, referring to Germany’s debut match against the current world champions.

Germany He will also have to face defending champion Portugal and Hungary after the opening against France.

“We know we need a lot of passion to beat France. For us, it’s about the basic virtues that have always made German teams strong in the championships,” said the German forward.

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