Eurocup: Olmo, the old Croatian dream

Dani Olmo spent five and a half years living in Zagreb, the same ones he spent playing for Dinamo. Being a cadet, he made a risky decision: to leave the Barcelona quarry to go to Croatia. There they gave him a project in which he was going to be a footballer for Dinamo Zagreb’s first team in the short term, something that he saw unattainable at Barça.

The bet came out in an unbeatable way, because it became indisputable, He matured as a footballer and as a person and attracted the attention of Europe’s greats (in January 2020 Leipzig signed him for more than 30 million euros).

The interest was not only from the clubs, but also from the Croatian national team. When he had not yet been called up even by the Spanish Under-21, they knocked on his door to try to convince him to play with the absolute of Croatia. Dani thanked him, because he considers it his second home, but rejected it because his dream was to play for Spain. Shortly after that he became a permanent fixture for De la Fuente’s Under-21s (he won the Under-21 Eurocup being MVP in the final) and later settled in the Absolute.

His loyalty to Spain has been shown this summer: he is one of the players who will double and play the Eurocup and the Olympic Games. At first Leipzig wanted to prevent it, but Olmo’s insistence made them change their minds. The footballer has the written consent of his club that he is allowed to go to Tokyo.

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